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(Amarillo, USA) United Amarillo through the Cantata

  Farms and field which could be seen outside the city

The seventh destination was a small city in the northwest of Texas, Amarillo. This city is so small that half an hour in the car can get you anywhere in the city. If you leave the city then you are met with the scenery which you may have seen from 1970s and 80s movies.

In the gloomy weather upon the endless fields one could see cows and horses eating grass. If you run pass the fields and continue on you can arrive at Palo Duro Canyon. The second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon is the Palo Duro Canyon. The cliffs, and the open sky cannot help but leave people in awe.

Palo Duro Canyon

 Amarillo is Espana for the special sediment in this area which has the color yellow. In Palo Duro Canyon one can see many vegetations forming between the ravines. There is a small museum and souvenir store in the canyon, you can learn about Native Indian culture, and also look at the growing vegetations in the canyon through binoculars.

 Souvenir Shop in Palo Duro Canyon

A place where many tourists gather to see the unique scene of upside down cars

In Amarillo, we don’t have our church or any brothers or sisters. In the desolate area of Amarillo a missionary and four short term missionaries were sent to prepare for the Cantata. Amarillo which seemed weakest and most lacking. God sent volunteers for the Amarillo’s Cantata, and also allowed time to share the Gospel with these volunteers. God bestowed his grace by sending a volunteer from a Buddhist family who through the Bible Study received salvation, a female student living in darkness due to loneliness became brighter after receiving salvation and working with the IYF,  also three Muslim sisters opened their hearts and came to volunteer everyday as well as attending the Bible Study.

Civic Center which is the best auditorium in Amarillo.

God not only to new souls but for the preparation of the Cantata provided everything. The event was promoted to each and every house and also donations were received. Radio and television stations promoted the Cantata for free and the Cantata was able to happen at Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium which is the most famous and best auditorium in Amarillo.

Citizens awaiting entrance with a fluttering heart

 Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium with 2300 seats. Many friends and families in twos and threes from one hour before the performance lined up outside the auditorium. Many seemed happy like children as the unprecedented performance was about to happen in Amarillo.

 Pastor Terry Henderson preaching in the minister’s meeting

 Many pastors also participated in the minister’s meeting before the performance. Pastor Terry Henderson of Good News New York Church introduced the IYF which was changing youths through God’s words and afterwards he preached the Gospel.

 Pastor Terry Henderson speaking with ministers

 “All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:6)”

He preached that we cannot solve our own sins, but that only through Jesus Christ whom God has sent can it be cleansed, therefore he said the he hopes to work for the Gospel together having the same heart inside of God.

Enthusiastic Righteous Stars

Do you want to have some fun?

Amarillo’s citizens applauding after listening to the word

Pastor Joseph Park of Good News New York Church started preaching the Gospel to the citizens with the story of soldier John who partook in the Korean War. John’s mother wanted to be his eyes, legs and arms, but John not knowing his mother’s heart ended up committing suicide. Just like how John did not know the heart of his mother many people today live not knowing the heart of God. But Pastor Park said that God through his love and Jesus Christ have already cleansed us and made us righteous.

Audience listening attentively to the word

Audience enjoying the Cantata

 As people realized the precious heart of God which is more important then the beautiful Christmas tree, presents or delicious food there were sounds of joy echoing around the auditorium.

Carol who came with her friend

 “I really enjoyed this wonderful performance. How can a human have such a voice? The best ratings wouldn’t be enough to describe this performance! Especially when they sang ‘God Bless America’ in the end just Wow..!! It is so amazing to see such a performance in Amarillo. Thank you!” – Carol

 David who spent the night with his daughter

 “It was truly a professional performance. I came here with my daughter and it was really nice. During the last performance of the choir the stage and the lighting seemed so beautifully (laughter) are you performing again next year? I heard that these tickets are sold expensively in Korea, but it is simply amazing to see such a performance for free in America. See you again next year!” – David

Policeman Ty who said he have seen such a performance for the first time in Amarillo

 “I have never seen such a performance in Amarillo. I assure you, this performance was of the greatest scale and of the greatest level amongst all the performance which happened in Amarillo until now. The message of the Pastor was great too. During pastor’s message he said ‘we cannot help but sin. But in God we have been cleansed, sanctified and made righteous!” When he said this I really liked the ‘But’ he stated. But we have been cleansed! (laughter) Thank you for the great performance. It is simply the best!” – Ty(Policeman)


Applause towards the Gracias Choir

Amarillo, a city with a population of 180,000. In this small city there was a festival today. The Christmas Cantata which took place in the weakest and most lacking area united the citizens of Amarillo into one. After passing through six cities, with a single message we arrived here in Amarillo. Although we are people who cannot help but sin, with the heart that God’s love has forgiven everything already we have arrived here. I hope that the hearts of the people in Amarillo can be filled the single heart of God which he wants to show us.

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