[Anchorage, USA] Anchorage’s Aurora Presented by the Christmas Cantata

Alaska, meaning ‘great land’ in Native American language, was bought in 1867 by US Secretary of State William Henry Seward at 7,200,000 dollars from the Russian Government. Afterwards, in 1959, it officially became American territory as it was included as America’s 49th State. Anchorage, which is the biggest city in the State with 40% of Alaska’s population acts as a hub connecting flights flying between European and North American continents and the far east. With many beautiful nicknames such as Aurora Heaven, World’s Last Clean Zone etc. Anchorage is comprised of four mild springs, cool summers, chilly autumns, and cold winters.

After the 2nd stage ended, there was a message. Pastor Young Kook Park of New York Church likes the word, ‘BUT.’ The words ‘BUT’ has the power to overturn all the sentences that come before it. Jesus tells us, “You are very filthy. You cannot go to Heaven. BUT, you have become clean and holy and righteous.” As he spoke these words, several of the audience started to shout “JESUS!!” “Hallelujah!!” etc. Moreover, when he asked, “How righteous are you?” the citizens of Anchorage shouted out in one voice, “Forever righteous.”

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