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[Anchorage, USA] Hidden Treasures Inside an Icebox


The second Cantata opened today in Anchorage, a city 3400 Km away from Seattle. When US Secretary of State William Seward first bought Alaska, everyone called it ‘Seward’s Icebox’. That’s how much this land had no value. However, people started discovering large amounts of gold, oil, gas, and national safety etc. extremely valuable things. As the Cantata in Anchorage — long considered outside of the interest like the ‘icebox’ — finally came, the city was revived. The heart of God discovered in Anchorage is treasure.


“At the Nebraska pastors’ meeting, Pastor Young Kook Park said that if the Cantata is held in Anchorage God will pour his grace. In the case of mainland cities, the prepared stage settings can be brought and used. But in the case of Anchorage, it is far from mainland and everything needs to be brought in from there, which means we must prepare everything from the Choir’s airfare to every stage prop from here so I pretended like I didn’t hear it because it was burdensome. On June 9th, I received a call. ‘Pastor, please find out if there is a theatre available on the 1st and 2nd of October.’ Amazingly, the theatre was available on exactly those two dates which made me believe that this was the plan of God and proceeded as I informed Pastor Park. ‘It’s not a problem to quit when God prevents it from happening but if God opens the way, we must go even if it is a difficult one.’”


We wanted to invite soldiers’ families and hold a Cantata at the military base. But, an air force lieutenant general came to the Cantata yesterday and opened his heart.


“Everyone opens their heart when they see the Cantata. Let’s try inviting all the store owners,” said Sam’s Club US Management Manager (Eric Wiley, Susan Wiley) in tears, expressing that the performance yesterday was very moving. He said that he would like to help as much as possible if the performance is held again in Alaska next year. We talked for over 20 minutes even after the interview was over. Many store owners from Office Depot, Carbela’s etc. attended yesterday’s performance and especially, the State Governor’s wife who attended was very pleased.


The church members of Mahanaim stayed up nights preparing the props for the Anchorage Cantata and the New York Pastors drove the 53 feet (16 meter) trailer themselves to bring it here. We were so thankful and moved in our hearts that we had service at 3 am as soon as they arrived. God planned and fulfilled it. Anchorage was not included in the 2015 Cantata Tour plan but the reason it was able to come was because of the 2015 New Year Message. The promise in the book of Hebrews allowed the unscheduled Anchorage Cantata. I felt that God had given us the Cantata to bring to us many people as the sand of the sea and stars of the sky.” – Anchorage Pastor Ja Yang Jung


On the second day, the theatre in Anchorage was completely filled. The citizens of Anchorage that filled the 2000 seats left on a journey with the Gracias Choir to meet Jesus. Already one heart with the Gracias Choir, the Anchorage citizens were deeply moved and sent thunderous applause before the songs ended.


Through the scriptures in Hebrews chapter 9 verses 11, Pastor Terry of New York Church preached the words saying that the sins committed on this earth must be redeemed continuously but Jesus spread his blood for our sins on the altar in Heaven, giving us eternal redemption. People cheered and shouted “Hallelujah” and “Amen.”


“It was beyond my expectations, a great performance. It’s a real honor to be here. I think liked the last “Hallelujah” and “God bless America” the most. The Pastor also spoke about the tabernacle on earth and in Heaven and that our sins have been washed in Heaven and we have gained eternal redemption. So we don’t have sins anymore. I believe that. To me, the Christmas Cantata today was a blessing that made me think about Jesus’ birth once again.” – Linda


“The performance today was really fantastic and wonderful. Every stage was impressive but the 3rd stage was especially the best. The orchestra, choir, and their music was unbelievably beautiful and visually awesome.” – Mark


“It was really fun and good. I really liked the last chorus and the 1st stage was really good. I think I will never forget the “Hallelujah” that announced and praised the birth of Jesus. And the Pastor preached that Jesus washed away our sins forever. He said that we gained eternal redemption. All our sins have been washed away. I believe that and I am righteous because Jesus took them all away. To me, I think the Christmas today was a day that Jesus took away all my sins and a chance to feel it again.” – Pastor Timothy (United Methodist Church)


The hidden value of Alaska was revealed by a Secretary. The citizens of Anchorage met with Jesus today and the hidden value of Jesus touched their hearts. The coldest place in America that has already started to snow despite it being early autumn has turned into the warmest place through the Christmas Cantata. We look forward to how the whole of Alaska, not just Anchorage will be changed through the seeds of the gospel by the Christmas Cantata.

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