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[Argentina] 2nd Argentina World Camp Opening Ceremony News (February 15, 2012)

On the 10th of February, the 2nd Argentina World Camp began in the city of La Plata. Registration took place during the morning as nearly 600 people registered; attendees of the Opening Ceremony had the time to understand the purpose of their first World Camp in their hearts through the orientation.

Through the mind lecture, Pastor Jo Gyu Yoon preached that if you open your heart you will change, and then the time spent in the camp will be the most joyful time.

After the orientation, every group held meetings. Although it was awkward for the attendees to meet friends and teachers with whom they would share their hearts with throughout the duration of the camp; they spent their first time together introducing themselves.

At 7:00 P.M, the Opening Ceremony started at the TEATRO MUNICIPAL COLISEO PODESTA. Built in 1886 as an Italian-style building, it was previously used to hold circuses however the theatre was purchased by a company in 1897 and it is now used as a venue that stages several performances.

The curtains were drawn back as the Argentina Righteous Stars performed to start the Opening Ceremony. Their performance was followed by a Tae Kwon Do and fan dance by the Lincoln High School in Daegu, as well as cultural performances from Argentina and Chile.

The Mayor postponed all the other matter and attended the World Camp to give a welcoming message and reward VIPs himself.

In his welcoming message the mayor said, “As I had meeting with pastor Park today, he deeply preached the word of God to me. I thank him to visit Argentina.”

Specially this year, the Gracias Choir will perform for four days. Over 800 citizens of La Plata who remembered last year’s performance were notified and filled the seats of the theatre along with the camp attendees.

The choir’s songs caused the audience to give a great applause and cries of joy. Especially the performances ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ were followed by a standing ovation from the audience. The choir sang with all their hearts, and the citizens of La Plata responded with joy.

During the mind lecture that followed after, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the world of the heart. “Students who attend the IYF World Camp change. Even if we don’t do anything, if we just let our heart flow then the disease in our heart will be cured. In addition, when our hearts are flowing, God enables us to feel happiness.”

Various programs have been prepared for the duration of the 4-day camp. Through this time, students will learn about exchange and cohesion. We are anticipating God’s work that will save the Argentinean students who have opened their hearts and are attending this camp.



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