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[Atlanta] The Awaited Event of the Year in the Hearts of the Atlanta Citizens

The 22nd city is Atlanta.

야외 공연장인듯한 폭스 극장 내부 모습

Atlanta’s Fox Theater is one of America’s top 3 theaters. This venue is in the form of an Egyptian dome and the interior ceiling is beautiful. The floating clouds and shining stars make it seem like one is under the night sky while watching a performance.

In the beginning of this year, Missionary Byung Joo Lim who visited the Fox Theater, encountered the personnel in charge at the Civic Center where last year’s Christmas Cantata was held. The amazing part was that the personnel in Civic Center had moved to Fox Theater and showed interest in this year’s performance, discounting the venue rental fee. Sister Mi Ryung Hong felt burdensome about requesting donations but God always worked according to His promise, irrespective of her thoughts. “As soon as I opened the door to the shops, the owners would say, ‘Is it already the time of the year for the performance?’ and welcomed me. They were awaiting the Christmas Cantata more than I did. We received donations in the most amazing and various ways.”

Doug and Lorrain who waited in line from an early hour called themselves cultural people. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard that there was a free show at the Fox Theater, Atlanta’s Landmark. We love the Fox Theater. The first movie screened here was ‘Gone With the Wind.’ My parents shared this theater, which screened since their time, with us. When I heard that the Christmas Cantata was going to be about the birth of Jesus, I really felt the need to go and reserved online. I’m really excited today!” – Doug and Lorrain Couple

On the 12th of October, the Fox Theatre was filled with Atlanta Citizens. Missionary Byung Joo Lim, who prepared Atlanta’s best Cantata performance, was extremely shocked and moved by Pastor Ock Soo Park’s message at the New York World Camp. “I want to tell you that you have the signet ring of God’s Son on your fourth finger.” We may be lacking in many ways but Missionary Lim started to think deeply about the power that the Son with God’s signet ring could be and started praying to God.

“God, I believe you will provide us with 100 volunteers and 100 Christian leaders to participate. I believe you will allow us to receive donations from 1000 people.”

아내와 함께 목회자 모임부터 칸타타까지 참여한 크리스챤 Christian 목사

“I hadn’t expected what scene would appear on the 1st stage but when I saw the depiction of Jesus’ birth, I was surprised. Their voices were even more eccentric in the 1st stage and it helped me accept Jesus’ birth in my heart.” – Pastor Christian

“I was touched by the love of family shown in the 2nd stage. The family meets again after travelling back 15 years and that story is deeply touching. It’s my birthday today so I brought my sister with me here. I was thankful that I was able to feel the love between family again – Sherlyn

KaLimah says Pastor Ock Soo Park’s message after the 2nd stage was most impressive. “The Pastor says exactly what Jesus did for us. Jesus redeemed our sins as he died on the cross and that was believed in my heart. Jesus was born inside of me. The Christmas that I think is the one celebrating the birth of Jesus. Thank you truly for inviting me to this performance.”

“I came here for the first time with my family and the performance was great. The songs sung by the Choir today were awesome like it was from Heaven. Even though the singers were not American, it was so fantastic I didn’t even feel the difference. They were wonderful songs that reminded me of God’s love.” Lorraine fields


The Atlanta Citizens didn’t want to leave the performance hall even after the 3rd stage was over. The people chattered away at the Fox Theater lobby about the exciting performance they had seen. Filled with utter happiness, the citizens gave thumbs up saying that Christmas was now in October, not December.

At the VIP reception, Mayor Dona Pittman from the neighboring city of Doraville said, “I came to see the Cantata last year but today’s performance was even better. I think our citizens will like it very much as well. You are really welcome to our city.”

3500 Atlanta citizens accepted the most beautiful music into their hearts in the most beautiful theatre today. The Jesus that they accepted in their hearts will work inside their hearts. Now we move on to the state of Florida where the three last US cities of this tour are.



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