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Beginning of Change – Haitian Volunteers’ News (June 22, 2012)

<Haitian volunteers preparing for Song & Dance class>

<Haitian Volunteers’ Meeting>

The sultry air of Haiti announced the coming of summer and the excitement of hope being brought by the gospel. Haitian volunteers helped prepare for the 2012 English Camp, which would be held in Lycee Horatius Laventure, Haiti. Many Haitians interested in helping, applied, trained, and worked to become volunteers for the upcoming camp. From May 10th to June 6th, workshops were held in which the volunteers listened to the gospel thoroughly. During these training sessions, a total of 50 volunteers (24 translators, 26 dance volunteers) were chosen. These volunteers devoted themselves to help with the academies despite the hot weather. Volunteers for Song & Dance class especially enjoyed practicing the dances to be taught despite the fierce sunlight. All the Haitian volunteers were able to prepare for the English Camp by gathering their hearts through listening to the gospel and the Word of God.

Pastor David Ki, one of the directors of the Haiti English Camp, welcomed these new volunteers. He spoke to them emphasizing the importance of the “flow of the heart” saying, “Stagnant water will rot but the flowing water never rots.” If their hearts don’t flow with each other, it would be difficult to manage the English Camp.

Paul Roody 19, Port-Au-Prince

“In the beginning, I applied to be a volunteer of the English Camp to learn dances. But I could learn about the world of heart listening the Word during the workshop. For the first time I could have a heart to volunteer for others. Above all, I didn’t believe in God but now I do. “

Simon Wollbens 18, Port-Au-Prince

“I applied to be a volunteer of English Camp because I liked IYF. Then I received salvation during this workshop. I felt so peaceful when I heard that all my sins were taken away.”

We’re thankful that these Haitian volunteers changed and gathered their hearts through listening to the Word of God during this workshop. We have hope that they’ll work for the gospel during English Camp with this same heart.

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