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[Benin] Meeting of Pastor Ock Soo Park with Nasser

At local time 2:10pm on the 15th of February, Pastor Ock Soo Park arrived in Benin. As soon as he arrived at the Benin Airport, he headed for the VIP room in a limousine. He had a meeting with the President’s son, Nasser. The Youth Minister of Benin was also present.


Pastor Ock Soo Park expressed his intentions to begin various activities for the many youths in Benin with the ribbon-cutting of Centre de l’ONG IYF Benin (IYF Benin Center) scheduled on the 16th. He proposed to treat Buruli ulcer, provide mind education for youth problems, and establish a music and architecture school through IYF Benin.


Nasser said he would prepare a chance for the President, Pastor Ock Soo Park, and the Health Minister to share talks regarding the Buruli ulcer.

Previously at the Benin board of health, there was a proposal to carry out treatment of Buruli ulcer under supervision of the WHO but due to various reasons this initiative was shelved. At this, Pastor Ock Soo Park requested the President’s son, Nasser to take part in and proceed with the treatment of Buruli ulcer.

Nasser said that he would help with an open heart when professional workforce, building, equipment etc. lacking infra is prepared and Pastor Ock Soo Park expressed plans to supply architecture technology specifically.

Leaving behind the many works of President Yani Boni until now, since his presidential term ends on April 5th, Nasser suggested proceeding with documents first in order to continue these works afterwards.

Pastor Ock Soo Park requested Nasser once again for his fullest efforts in pushing forward with the matters discussed until late March. Moreover, he expressed his gratitude for making the IYF into the world’s greatest youth organization.


Due to election campaigns, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the IYF Benin Center and Saenara Medical Center that was originally scheduled on the 16th will be held on the 19th, according to the schedule of President Yani Boni.


Prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Saenara Medical Center for the treatment of Buruli ulcer and medical services and the IYF Benin Center for the youths of Benin, an English Camp will begin in the morning of the 15th with 300 college students. Moreover, a bible seminar is scheduled to be held every evening with Pastor Ock Soo Park as guest lecturer.

After the meeting, Pastor Ock Soo Park headed towards Calavi where the IYF Benin Center is located. The local brothers and sisters at the IYF Benin Center welcomed him and he appraised the site here and there.


We could feel God’s works that are always beyond our limits at Benin. We look forward to the work of God for the coming week.

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