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(Benin) Pastor Ock Soo Park & IYF Center groundbreaking ceremony makes local news

Pastor Ock Soo Park’s introduction and IYF Benin Center groundbreaking ceremony is reported on national media on March 11th. Benin’s top daily newspaper “La Nation” front page included Pastor Ock Soo Park’s visit and IYF Benin Center’s groundbreaking ceremony. Furthermore, many other major newspapers and broadcasts portrayed the visit and groundbreaking ceremony as major news, and thus revealed to us how big of a national event the groundbreaking ceremony was through the local media.

Pastor Ock Soo Park & Youth Education Center groundbreaking ceremony included on the first page of “La Nation.”

“This past Wednesday March the 11th, the President held a groundbreaking ceremony for a large scale factory and youth education center that will be constructed in Abomey-Calavi soon.

This project was made possible through a partnership with South Korean Pastor Ock Soo Park and his NGO called IYF, and was planned for youth employment and specialized education. The total planning cost will be 20 million dollars and will be constructed on a 10 hectare land. The blueprint shall include a polytechnic university, pharmaceutical factory, hospital to treat Buruli Ulcer, broadcasting station, youth recreational center, and last of all, a sports stadium.

Furthermore, Hounsou Guèdè, the mayor of Calavi gave many praises by stating, ‘This project is a huge gain for specialized youth education which emphasizes their talents.’

The Minister of Helath & Welfare Dorothée Kindé Gazard was especially interested in the hospital that will be constructed for Buruli Ulcer treatment. ‘It is a great fortune for us to be able to invite them to our country. The pharmaceutical factory and hospital construction shall reform our healthcare system.”

Pastor Ock Soo Park and Youth Education Center groundbreaking ceremony reported on Beninese newspaper ‘La Nation.’ Minister of Youth & Sports Safiou Affo was pleased and proclaimed that this project would improve youth sports activities in Abomey-Calavi. A soccer stadium will also be constructed. The Minister of Youth boasted, “This University is the first of its kind in Western Africa. After Kenya, it is the second of its kind in all of Africa.” President Boni Yayi also mentioned, ‘Pastor Ock Soo Park will not only contribute to Buruli Ulcer treatment, but will also contribute to the youth as well.’ ‘In order for this project to quickly materialize, the construction must start from next month in April.”

The news was also reported via video on ORTB media.

 Pastor Ock Soo Park’s visit and groundbreaking ceremony news reported on local media

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