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[Benin World Camp] Preaching the Gospel to the President of Benin

“The Spiritual Life in God & Ethic should be Top Priorities for a Leader.” July 27th, Saturday. 2nd Day of Benin World Camp. In response to the invitation from the President, Pastor and his entourage visited the Presidential Palace of Benin to have a conference with the President around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Other dignitaries, including the Ministries of Health, Youth and Innovation, were also present at the conference with the President of Benin, President Thomas Yayi Boni. After a brief introduction of Pastor Ock Soo Park to the attendees, Pastor Ock Soo Park expressed his gratitude.

Pastor Ock Soo Park: “With help from the Minister, the World Camp is going well. We are IYF. IYF is an organization nurturing the youths today to grow with healthy minds to lead tomorrow. As I read the Bible, I discovered the promise of God inside the Bible. I’ve looked into how David became a king. His heart was one with God’s. The heart of God was flowing into David. When my heart became one with God, I was also changed. Many youths are suffering with problems like AIDS and drugs, and I appreciate your support in opening the Camp for them. Do you know that Beninese students are the nicest in the world? However, when the country becomes better off with economic growths, the youths will come to possess greater desires and turn rough and evil. Benin still has a lot of good, healthy-minded students.” When pastor spoke this far/much, the President replied with a smile.

We truly need you, Pastor, in Benin. There are the rich and the poor. Among the rich, there are thieves, trampling on the poor. There are many youth, yet being unemployed, many feel uncertain about their futures. They haven’t been able to believe in God. I endeavored to establish ethical and spiritual values among the Beninese. They started to notice that I possess a different mind. With God, nothing is impossible. For the sake of peace, the youths need the Words. As a leader, one should keep his focus on ethic and the spiritual life. Our father is God. We must teach the young to progress with the country. If we do not protect the young men, they will soon turn their back against God. Pastor should come to Benin annually. If you wish, you could also live here forever. Before you return, I hope you could teach them a lot and leave them with a great memory.”

This conference was arranged by a son of the President of Benin, who returned from attending the World Camp in Korea. The President’s son also attended the opening ceremony of Benin World Camp, and the Ministry of Youth actively supported Benin World Camp as well.

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