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Bolovia Santa Cruz Chapel Construction (2011-03-08)

These are the pictures of the construction of the Santa Cruz Chapel in Bolivia The brothers and sisters are tilling the land with their hands which was disposed of and full of grass. The children picked up the blocks from a broken building and the sick, the elderly all participated to construct the building. The land owner allowed us grace that we could pay in installments since the bank interest is high. However, in a situation where we could barely pay $700 for rent at the previous building, there was much fear in paying $2660 for monthly payments. But with the heart to fall inside of God, brothers and sisters prayed and prayed and put forth a step. Thankfully, for the past 7 months, we were able the pay the installments through God. The building is more costly than the payments but God allowed us enough funds even to do the construction work. Such trying situations are allowing us grace to get closer to God. All installations have to be paid in order to build the main building but in the future, a broadcasting station, Mahanaim University and IYF Building will be constructed through the promise of the servant. We ask for much prayer of brothers and sisters.

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