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[Brazil] Esta consumado! – It is finished!

From June 12th to 16th, for 3 nights and 4 days, a bible seminar was held at Zona Leste Church (Head Pastor Pastor Min Soo Kwon) located in the eastern area (population of 5 million) of the city of São Paulo in Brazil. The main speaker who was invited was Pastor Sang Soo Lee of São Paulo Church.


This Pastor spoke about the forgiveness of sins during this seminar. He preached about the paralytic in Mark chapter 2 saying, “When the paralytic went before Jesus, He said, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven you.’ This is because what was more problematic to the paralytic is not the illness but sins.”



With these words, the sins of the paralytic were gone, he gained eternal life, and was never bound by sins after that day. Likewise, we hold all our problems like the paralytic, but when we become a paralytic, we can gain both of them, ‘freeing oneself from paralysis and forgiveness of sins.’ Therefore, whatever problems we have, nothing becomes a problem through Jesus. Moreover, the image we see through ourselves is not our true self, but our complete and whole image seen through God is our true selves, and living not by our abilities but by Jesus’ is called ‘salvation.’



During the seminar, about 16 new people participated and among them, the Presbyterian Church Pastor’s family connected through street missions also attended. The Pastor’s wife Maria and his daughter Reveca received salvation after listening to the gospel at the evening sermon and having individual fellowship on the last day (June 16th).


The pastor’s wife and his daughter said the gospel was clearly accepted in to their hearts and expressed, “We are already made whole and we are happy that we received salvation through the true gospel.”


Moreover, Bispo (the Presbyterian Church pastor) requested Pastor Min Soo Kwon (Isaque) of Good News Zona Leste Church to come to his church and hold a bible seminar.


As we saw new souls receiving salvation through the seminar, we could feel that God is always with us.


On the other hand, Pastor Kwon of Good News Zona Leste Church says there were difficulties in preparing the bible seminar. The Zone Leste Church that has been established 5 years ago needed money for its worn out signboard and the paint peeling from inside the chapel walls. Pamphlets needed to be ordered as well. Pastor Kwon accepted in his heart the Scriptures in 1 Timothy 2:4, “who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” and carried out the seminar under difficult circumstances saying, ‘this is not a seminar that I want but a seminar that God wants.’ Surprisingly, the difficulties were solved one by one afterwards. Before and after the Brazil World Camp in January, the saints who had left church returned and gave testimonies of how God sent many new people.


This bible seminar was the ‘seminar that God wanted’ and was a time filled with grace and thankfulness.


Good News Brazil Church hopes and prays that churches will be established in the nation’s capital, Brasília and the state capitals of 26 states in the future.

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