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[Burkina Faso] President Kabore meets Pastor Ock Soo Park

President Kabore “Thank you so much for accepting the invitation”

Pastor Ock Soo Park “IYF will bring change to Burkina Faso”

The National Youths Leaders’ Forum began on the 15th and was held for four days in Ouagadougou. It was a national event and was hosted by the minister of youth.

At the forum, many government workers including the president have attended, and also ambassadors and ministers of youths from other countries joined. Ouedraogo Smaïla, minister of youth in Burkina Faso, stated that “President Roch Marc Christian Kabore personally sent a letter of invitation to Pastor Park, and even I did not know that he sent it. This shows how much the president wanted Pastor Park to come.”


On the 17th, Pastor Park and 17 other staffs headed for the presidential palace. Minister Smaila escorted the group and the government staff greeted them.

When they arrived at the meeting room, the group greeted president Kabore while Pastor Park waited in the VIP room.


President Kabore warmly welcomed Pastor Park, and they sat down to discuss about the youth problems of Burkina Faso.

Pastor Ock Soo Park began with the story of American Indians. “The American Indians have serious problems. In September alone, 100 people committed suicide. We sent the IYF members and the youth found happiness and smiles again. I would like to do the same for the youths here. With the help of the minister of youth, I would like to guide the youth to a healthier and brighter life.”

He explained about the future plans, saying “Our education is not just a theory, it is actually changing the youths around the world. I have published a mind education book, and will work with the minister of youth to renew them so it will fit with the cultures of Burkina Faso.”


“The King of Swaziland have sent a special education advisory group to Korea to look into our education programs. They were very surprised and took back the reports. We would like to begin many programs here as well. We will need land to work in Burkina Faso.”

Minister Smaila stated “As the IYF Founder just said, I have been to Korea with the permission of the president. I have met many other ministers there and they all valued very highly of the mind education of IYF.” And he explained in detail about his visit to Korea to the president.

After the minister’s comments, president Kabore answered, “We are grateful for the activities of IYF, and I feel the same way. You can discuss the details with minister Smaila. Please give hope and change the youths of Burkina Faso.”



The president continued, “I heard that your lecture this morning nurtured deep and healthy mindset for the youths. I sincerely ask you to work for Burkina Faso like you did in other countries, and give strong mind to the youths.”

Pastor Park answered, “We would like to establish technology schools, agricultural schools, and music schools. I would like to work for Burkina Faso for ten years. After ten years, there will be workers in Burkina Faso to continue our work.”

When the meeting was over, the group exchanged gifts.

President Kabore has prepared Tenue traditionnelle, a traditional clothing and pastor Park prepared gifts from Korea.



After the meeting with the president, pastor Park and the group have moved to the press conference room.

On the press meeting, pastor Park held up the gift he received from the president and explained about the conversations at the meeting, saying, “IYF will lead and cooperate with the government of Burkina Faso to change the youths of this country.”

The reporters raised questions such as the business plans of IYF in Burkina Faso and contributions that IYF will make to change the lives of the youths.



Pastor Park answered, “IYF is actually leading many programs worldwide in order to change the lives of the youths and nurture strong minds. According to president Kabore’s interest, we will carry out technology schools, music schools, or agriculture schools.”

Minister Smaila thanked pastor Park many times and concluded, “This meeting with pastor Park and president Kabore will begin the change of Burkina Faso. I assure you that we will do our best to accommodate you as you’ve come such a long way.”



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