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[Burundi] May News in Burundi (June 09, 2011)

– 2011 Burundi World Camp Volunteer Workshop –

On May 28 in Burundi Bujumbura IYF Center, Volunteer Workshop was held for preparation of 2011 Burundi World Camp. Around 200 college students gathered together in the venue near Lake Tanganyika, and learned through the Word about the heart that a volunteer should have. In addition, during group meeting time with Good News Corps members, members shared World camp memories, lives after meeting God and how God changed their lives and led them to Burundi. Through the stories, the hearts of members and volunteers became much closer.

Mini-Olympics was held in the afternoon as one of the World Camp programs, to allow volunteers be familiar with the rules and enjoy the game together. For the preparation of workshop this time, Good News Corps members visited public and private universities in Bujumburae and met lots of college students to promote World Camp and other IYF programs to them. Although poor English skills was a burden, when we spoke boldly with IYF spirit in mind, many students showed interest and promised to attend, and it became joy for the promoting members. Burundi Bujumbura Center planned to recruit around 300 local volunteers for the preparation of 2011 Burundi IYF World Camp. We are preparing with the hope that God will gather lots of people to the World Camp to spread the gospel. Please pray for that Brundi, a country with poverty and corruption, can be changed through Burundi World Camp.

– Kamesa one-day regional seminar –

From May 29, Brundi Bujumbura Church held one day seminar in Kamesa area.

During Prayer meeting, God started the regional seminar in Bujumbura area and brothers and sisters from Kamesa area had the heart to hold a seminar on May 30th. God not only allowed us the place to hold the seminar, but also tents and speakers, as well as the church choir invited from other churches, and the one day seminar became so beautiful that the hearts all people attended were full of thankfulness and gratitude. Kamesa is one of the four slum areas in Bujumburae. Although environment seemed to be harsh, because Mussaga local brothers, sisters and pastors prepared the seminar with their hearts for the Gospel, a lot of people attended and were happy to hear the true gospel. Missionary Mo Daegon, the invited speaker, preached the words saying, “If we see Paul through Anania’s eyes, he is a person against Christ, but if we see Paul through Christ’s eyes, he is no more an enemy but a vessel chosen by the Lord.”

Through the Words, pastor preached that when we look at ourselves with our own eyes, we are sinners but because of the blood of Jesus, in God’s eyes we are already righteous. It was a precious time to preach the true gospel to people who tried hard to keep the laws and met their limitation in spiritual life. After Kamesa local seminar this time as the start, we plan to continue to have one day seminar in other areas in Burundi.

– Burundi Bible Seminar –

During 4 days from May 30th to June 2nd, Burundi Bujumbura church held Bible seminar, inviting Missionary Go Bongjin from Rwanda. Everday, 40 new attendants joined the seminar and shared the Words together.

Through the Missionary’s words preached in each session of the Seminar, Gospel was preached in an easy way through Jesus’ birth, metaphor, death, resurrection, etc. On the thrid day, when the gospel was preached, attendees realized that they are no longer tide up by sins and became holy through Jesus and they were so happy that they would like to continue to listen to the Words and have fellowship.

Through monthly seminars, brothers and sisters are learning how to serve the church and the gospel step by step.

We are preparing Teacher workshop and Volunteer camp for the preparation of World Camp to be held in August. Although there were lots of problems including the venue of World Camp, we have hope in our hearts.

Brothers and sisters, please pray for us.

Wording – Lee Sangyun (10th member in Burundi), Photos – Chang, Eunyoung

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