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[Busan] The Opening Ceremony of the ‘IYF World Culture Camp’

The start of the World Culture Camp, which will be the place for Exchange and Cohesion. From the morning of July 6th, the rain began to come down until late, in the Busan Haeundae District, the place where the opening ceremony of the ‘IYF World Culture Camp’ was planned to be held. The rainy season seemed to have a massive influence. From one o’ clock in the afternoon the participants of the World Culture Camp began to register in the Busan Bexco Auditorium. As the stream of students began to flow in soon, the registration area became full. The students here and there bore faces of expectation and excitement.

While the Gracias concert and the opening ceremony of the IYF World Culture Camp was planned to be held at seven o’ clock in the evening, there were a few worries because of the weather, whether it will affect the event but towards six o’ clock the drops of rain began to stop and fresh wind blew in the beautiful beach. On this day, 40000 Busan citizens, IYF World Culture Camp participants and IYF members were gathered.

The first ceremonial performance was a Chinese cultural performance called ‘Manjachunhong’, followed by the modern dance of the Righteous Stars. Afterwards the moderator gave his opening statement to officially open the IYF World Culture Camp. The performances that followed such as the Kenyan ‘Amani’ and the Korean ‘Fan Dance’ stole the hearts and attention of all the people who attended the opening ceremony.

In the middle of the heightening atmosphere the IYF chairman Munteck Park gave his opening speech for the IYF World Culture Camp. “Until now we have often lived out lives only looking at side. Until now, when we seen the world, the people around you or even yourself we have times when we only look at a single side. Although it rains and the sea looks scary, in those days there times when you can also see the beautiful beach. If we look around us with a new heart we can see that all the things around us are truly wonderful. I thank all the 2014 IYF students, VIPs, and Busan citizens and I hope that you will actually open your heart and become able to talk about anything over the course of the 12 days.

Following that Sangyoung Kim (Ex-chairman of Busan Educational University) gave his welcoming speech.

“I welcome the mayor of Busan and all the citizens, students and ministers from 50 countries to the IYF World Culture Camp. On this Earth there is currently two international events happening; one is the World Cup in Brazil and the other one is the touching IYF World Culture Camp that is happening in Haeundae Beach, Busan, Republic of Korea. The youth that will soon lead this world need to have a global mind and grounding. I hope that you could work hard in small things and have the completed heart capable of gaining other people’s hearts. I think that even the sky is touched by the way of hearts are towards this event. I hope that this will be a happy night in Haeundae Beach in July”

Through the celebratory speeches of Byungsoo Seo (Mayor of Busan) and Seongi Beak (Alderman of Haeundae) they sent their encouragement to the students participating in the IYF World Culture Camp. Following on, the promotional video of the ‘Good New Corps’ overseas volunteering was played, displaying the university students who volunteered enthusiastically in respective regions.

Then the choir with the honourable grand prize of the international choir competition, Gracias Choir, with IYF artists took the stage. The artists were given a chance to freely communicate to the audience through the explanation of the songs, and their music mixed with the beautiful sea filled the people’s hearts with emotion.

The founder of the IYF, Pastor Ock Soo Park, used the story of the girl whose parents divorced and was living lonely, because of the lack of communication, until she came to the World Camp. When she learned to share her heart her life brightened. Using such example he explained, “When God made humans, the heart is made to be kept happy by conversation. These days there are many youth who have a dark heart going through difficulty but I hope that the IYF World Culture Camp can be a joyful time for you.”

“I am participating in this year’s IYF World Culture Camp but before that I was already in Daegu in order to prepare for the dance festival with the Kenyan team. Although my circumstances seemed difficult Pastor told me to believe in the omnipotent God and through grace I was so grateful to be able to come here with the dance team. Only by grace was I able to come here. Today there was the opening ceremony but it was even greater than last year’s. I don’t know why. The most inspirational part was the message from Pastor Ock Soo Park and Don Quixote to ‘challenge against the impossible dream’. The message hoped that the many depressed individual youth can open their hearts and live a happy life. I was happy to listen to the opening message and I think that I will be able to spend a good camp in this Camp. Just as Don Quixote said I want to live to accomplish the impossible dream through the IYF. Fighting, IYF!” Carolin/ Kenyan Falk Dance Team

“I came from far away by train to here in Busan Haeundae Beach and I really enjoyed travelling with my family for the first time on the train. Also, listening to the Russian musicians was so touching and cool. Last year I was only able to see it on video but when I came here myself to watch it on Haeundae Beach the standard of music is very high which made it so much more wonderful. I think that it had truly been a fun, useful time for the Busan citizens, students and all of my family.” Sooyoung Kang/ Suwon City

I usually do not have much time or many chances to watch performances together with my family but to be able to do that on this beach as well as watch such a fantastic performance, it was so nice. It was a sensational performance due to the background of the stage and the way it matched the music. Eunyoung Lee/ 49 yrs / Yongin City

IYF World Culture Camp, the place where the language barrier breaks down and becomes a place for exchange and cohesion. Although many people are focusing on Brazil because of the hot atmosphere of the World Cup, the youth with the mind to lead the world enjoyed a Midsummer’s night festival on the Haeundae beach watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 IYF World Culture Camp. From 50 countries all over the world about 3500 university students will be able to experience the Korean natural culture while breaking down the barrier of culture and language to communicate with one another and learn the IYF mind.

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