[Busan] The Opening Ceremony of the ‘IYF World Culture Camp’

The start of the World Culture Camp, which will be the place for Exchange and Cohesion. From the morning of July 6th, the rain began to come down until late, in the Busan Haeundae District, the place where the opening ceremony of the ‘IYF World Culture Camp’ was planned to be held. The rainy season seemed to have a massive influence. From one o’ clock in the afternoon the participants of the World Culture Camp began to register in the Busan Bexco Auditorium. As the stream of students began to flow in soon, the registration area became full. The students here and there bore faces of expectation and excitement.

While the Gracias concert and the opening ceremony of the IYF World Culture Camp was planned to be held at seven o’ clock in the evening, there were a few worries because of the weather, whether it will affect the event but towards six o’ clock the drops of rain began to stop and fresh wind blew in the beautiful beach. On this day, 40000 Busan citizens, IYF World Culture Camp participants and IYF members were gathered.