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(Cambodia) “I Hope You Will Lead the World with the Mind of the IYF”

The second day of World Camp in Cambodia began, where the sound of laughter never ceased. The faces of the students entering the event hall were filled with nothing but expectation. Differently from the other World Camps, the World Camp in Cambodia does not provide accommodation and the main mode of transport for the students, which are motorcycles and bicycles, flocked the areas around the venue.

In the morning, the place began to shake as there was a time to learn to dance. The enthusiasm of the students moving as one to the music just showed how open their hearts were towards the Camp.

Then, there was a Guest Lecture from Hong Ssowan Eurom, who is the Chairman of the Special Investigations for the Court. He said that there was wrong leadership and mindset in the Killing Fields incident, and also that it is important to know history properly. Especially, he added that he felt inspired after finding out that the events held by the IYF provide Mind Education for the youth.

In the afternoon, there were various Academies and a Mini Olympics to participate in. This program, which lasted two days with people divided into two groups, also proved to be a great hit amongst the students. Because Cambodian students have a lot of interest in South Korea, many students overfilled classes that were called, ‘Korean Food Making’, ‘K-pop’, and ‘Korean Class’.

‘Even if all five members in one family live a poor life, if they gather their hearts they will be happy.’ This was the message of Pastor Ocksoo Park on the first day and just like that, as the students brought their hearts into one, you were able to see the happy smiles of the students all around the venue.

“During the time we participated in the Mini Olympics, we were able to come together with friends from different areas. This gave me strength and it was really fun. I was also able to learn many things while listening to the Education on the world of the heart from Pastor.” (Rattana/ Belti High School, Year 3)

“I was very happy to get to know many new friends during the Mini Olympics. Moreover, I am thankful that Pastor Ocksoo Park explained to me precisely about my heart, which I knew nothing about.” (Ssinssi Emming/ Belti High School, Year 3)

The various performances every evening added to the coolness of the Camp. The wonderful, elegant harmony and voice from the students of the Gracias Music School touched the hearts of the students, refreshing them as classical music is not something that they can encounter very often. Especially, ‘Greetings of Love’ by Elgar touched them. The conductor said that, as the writer of the song wrote it thinking of the love for his wife, he hoped that the students would feel the happiness that comes from loving family and friends. Also, the African stage grabbed the attention of the audience with its exciting dance movements and songs.

At the time of Mind Education in the evening, Pastor Ocksoo Park said, “This world is dirty and evil. If you do not know clearly about the world of the heart in this place, you cannot help but live a bad and dark life. The woman, who was caught in the act of adultery, was a dirty woman before she met Jesus. However, after she met Jesus, her life changed. That is why the IYF will continue to be involved with young people and handle their problems. I hope that in the future you will become the heads of universities and leaders of the future, guiding the world with the mind of the IYF. US, who are from the IYF, are one.”

There was only one day left of the World Camp in Cambodia, in which the Closing Ceremony would be held. We hope that the students, who have a wonderful flower called youth, will blossom and lead the world after going through change in their lives within the IYF.



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