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Cambodia: MOU with Beltei Group and the Mind Lecture (May 07, 2012)

On April 27th, an MOU signing ceremony between the Beltei group and IYF was held at the conference hall of Beltei International Institute in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, followed by a Mind Lecture.

This MOU agreement between the Beltei group and IYF was signed with a purpose to educate and train youths to have volunteering mentalities with leadership and to solve youths’ problems pertaining to their society, families and the future. For this, IYF will provide the programs and the guest lecturers to nurture the leaders for the next generation.

It also reads, “Beltei group will provide venues for each IYF event and support the students of Beltei university to attend the overseas programs with the financial aid to cover round-trip airfairs.”

Mr. Ly Chheng, the Excellency of the group, as he attended the World Camp last year, was amazed by how the students were changing. Such experience led to this MOU agreement with IYF. Also he requested for the mind education for the students in Cambodia.

Mr. Ly Chheng, the Excellency of the group, commented, “IYF is an organization which educates the youth to be the leaders of the world – is something we need. I felt that IYF could train the students in Cambodia to be the leaders of the next generation.”

The Beltei group has three departments – education, construction, and tour, and currently they are focused the most on the education. They have institutes ranging from kindergarten to university, have 11 school facilities in Phnom Penh, and they are planning to open International University this coming November.

Though the signing ceremony started early in the morning at 8 am, many VIPs from various groups attended. Especially, Sean Borath, the secretary of the Ministry of Education congratulated the event with his message, and Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of IYF, and Mr. Ly Chheng, the Excellency of the group, signed the agreement.

The Righteous Stars’ dance started the second part with a passionate applause from about 1,000 students.

During the mind lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park lectured, “When you let the once-stagnated water flow, then the mosquitos disappear. Just like that, when the hearts of humans flow each other, all the problems will disappear. When you live with your heart closed, then your heart will fall sick, but when you open your heart, having known the world of heart, your heart will flow that you can feel happiness. I hope that you will share your heart with people around you like your father, mother, and friends, once a day or at least once a week.”

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