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[Central African Republic] Further into the Greater Love of God in Times of Difficulty

Until last year, there were sounds of gunshot or sparks of fires throughout Central African Republic due to rebel forces.


Even until today, there are broken down houses, roads, and bridges in different parts of the city.



Even the locals of Central African Republic avoided the streets after 6pm, when the sun set. Among the youth, there are some who have taken part in the rebel forces and have experienced killing a person. Being an inland area, exchange with other nations is not easy and prices are high. Despite receiving support from the UN due to food shortage, most of the people still eat only one or two meals a day.


Good News Mission Central African Republic had no missionary for about a year due to internal conflict. In April this year, a missionary was dispatched again.



First, the house was moved and a chapel was built in the front yard. Through a bible conference, the saints from before were able to gather hearts. Currently, the chapel flooring and mission school room are under construction.


In the last week of April, the academies began from Saturday. At first, 9 to 10 people registered. 1~2weeks later, a total of 31 new people attended and took part in various classes such as English, French, electricity, mathematics, cooking etc. Lastly, the mind lecture took place. When rain would suddenly poured during the classes, they had to be cancelled at times, but many students and teachers were connect, listened to the mind lecture, and opened their hearts to the IYF.




In the first week of May, from Saturday, a neighborhood cleaning campaign began under the name of RCA Propre(Clean Central African Republic). With about 30 Good News Bangui Church saints, the street of Benz-vi where the church is located was cleaned. They introduced the church and the IYF as they cleaned, and both villagers and saints were happy.

“The IYF has been registered as an organization for a long time but we were unable to carry out activities. But, God sent us a new missionary after the war and I am thankful to God that we are able to do new activities again. As the Scriptures say, although the beginning is inadequate, the end will be prosperous. Although Central African Republic IYF seems to be unable to do the works of the gospel right now, when we take a step forward like this, I believe God will help us grow. I was very thankful today while cleaning. I’m thankful to God that I am able to be together with the saints with one heart.” – Brother Aristide



Due to Central African Republic’s fragile medical facilities, many people are living in pain as they are unable to cure their illness. For such people, a seminar was held for patients for three days from May 16th to 18th. At the seminar, many people with palsy, AIDS, cancer patients, a lady with headaches and body soreness without reason, typhoid etc. came and listened to the Words. Missionary Gyeong Ho Moon preached the gospel to them under the theme of ‘health and faith.’



The first IYF English Speech Contest in Central African Republic was held. There were schools that weren’t being operated properly after the war so we were worried that this contest would not be possible, but we started to promote it and a total of 9 people participated. On June 4th, the participants contesting in the finals each presented their prepared speeches and everything ended wonderfully until the awarding.




Whenever we would try to do a single thing, the difficult situations made us hesitate at times. But, when we followed after the footsteps already taken by the servants of God one by one, we could see God leading each and everything.

Whenever we were lacking and bigger problems would appear from behind smaller problems, we could discover a greater love of God. We are thankful and hopeful to think about the works of God in Central African Republic in the future.

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