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Change Uganda~!! – 2011 IYF World Camp News from Uganda (June 28, 2011)

IYF World Camp Uganda, which started on June 20th, ended on 24th afternoon after its 4-night-5-day agenda. Through the 4-night-5-day camp, students participated in many programs, listened to speeches and learned a lot; especially many students met God in their hearts.

During speech time every morning and evening, students listened to the words of the Bible and learned the world of heart. Pastor Mun Hyeongryul, the lecturer of mind lecture, talked about how to meet God truly in the heart and students listened to the words carefully during the sessions.

After mind lectures, students shared the words they heard with group teachers and friends during group gathering time. The testimony time also allowed students to become closer to the word and brought friends closer to each other.

Through special gospel lectures after lunch time, many students received salvation and were delighted.

During personal counseling time, lots of students were able to be consulted personally and learned how to meet God and receive salvation in detail, and lots of students loved the time.

Among World Camp attendees, lots of students thought they have believed God and served God, but they have never truly met God. They tried to believe in God with their own good acts and served God in their own way. But through various programs during the camp, such as mind lecture, group gathering, special gospel lecture, personal fellowship, etc., lots of students truly met God and became happy.

When IYF member recruiting counter was set up in World Camp, many students came to the desk, wanted to become an IYF member and submitted application. The students wanted to attend World Camps not only in Uganda, but also in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and other countries, and also other various IYF programs beyond World Camps.

Through World Camp, God did many things in Uganda and allowed many people to receive salvation. We are also expecting with hope to see how God will work in Uganda. We hope many Uganda students, many Uganda people will turn to God and receive salvation.

Author / Dah’eun Park (10th Good News Corps member in Uganda)

Photo / Jiseok Kim (10th Good News Corps member in Uganda)



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