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[Chicago, USA] The Most American City, Chicago


The seventh city is Chicago.

Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in America after New York and LA. It is no doubt the biggest city in Illinois State with a population increase over 200 fold in the 50 years between 1840 and 1890. Its history is short compared to other cities, but the speed of growth and development is unrivalled. With such dynamic characteristics, Chicago reflects the rapid growth of America.


On the 26th (local time), the Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata visited the seventh city of Chicago with the gift of Jesus for the hearts of Chicago’s citizens eagerly waiting for Jesus. The Genesee Theatre, located nearby the city in Waukegan was on the verge of closing down 5 years ago for being too old. But the landlord remodeled it into a prestigious theatre that even holds Broadway performances. As the Gracias Choir revisited this theatre this year following last year’s show, we felt that God rejoiced in Genesee Theatre.


2 hours before the performance began, a long endless line of Chicago citizens spun around a whole block. Nearing 7o’clock, the waiting line continued to increase. Some people even came in through the side door to enter the theatre, filling the building with crowds of people. The performance was slightly delayed due to the many people entering despite the house being full.


In the end, the seats were completely filled at 7:10 pm and the doors closed for the show to begin. The theatre personnel were astonished at the most audience ever in the history of this theatre. After a long wait, the audience watched in pin-drop silence from the beginning of the 1st stage. People sent cheers and thunderous applause at the birth of Jesus in the 1st stage and we could feel the birth of Christ accepted into their hearts.



In the last stage, many Chicago citizens sent standing ovation at ‘Hallelujah’ of Handel’s Oratorio. Moreover, some people expressed unspeakable thanks and joy to God with their eyes closed, left hand on their chest and right hand in the air, as they listened to the song, ‘God bless America.’


“When sin approaches you, everyone, remember the Words. God made us clean. This does not change. We are forever holy.” We could feel many people applauding, shouting hallelujah, and filling their hearts with God’s Words.


“It was really wonderful. I’m so thankful at how they could run such a show for free. I felt thankful for Jesus’ birth once again as I watched the 1st stage. At the last part where they lift Jesus up and sing together it felt like Jesus was born in my heart. Also, the pastor said that the things on earth have a limit and all end one day. But he said Heaven is eternal. He said that God made us clean and righteous. Hallelujah!” – Pattie

“It was excellent and excellent. I was overwhelmed the whole time I was watching the 1st stage. The birth of Jesus is something very thankful and precious to us. As I listened to today’s Words, he talked about eternal redemption. The earth is not eternal but Heavens is. He said that God made us forever holy. Also, I praise God who worked in the missionary who was stung by a scorpion. He clearly testified of how God is alive and working. That God is eternal.” -Sharon


“It was really great. It was really professional and the sound was beautiful. As I heard about the testimony of the missionary today, I could feel God helping. And the pastor said the things of this world are not eternal but God has given us eternal cleanliness. I’m thankful. Also, it was amazing when they sang ‘Hallelujah’ at the last 3rd stage. Moreover, ‘God Bless America’ made me cry in my heart. I praise God.” –Amarie


God’s message was put into the hearts of those in the dazzling city of Chicago during the whole performance. They sent thunderous applause of thanks at the birth of Jesus and at each step of the magi. Though the people seemed abundant and lacking nothing on the outside, those watching the performance today were thirsty for true happiness. We could feel each cell in their body respond to every Word. As gloves are made in the form of a hand and only fit a hand, we have been made in the form of God and we can find true happiness when the Words of God enter our hearts. The Words of truth that cannot be traded with or ever made on this earth presented these people today with happiness like that of a fitting glove.

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