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Christmas Cantata blasts off in front of 1100 at Stafford Centre Performing Arts Theater

Houston, TX—On October 7, Gracias Christmas Cantata kick-started the Texas leg of its 2013 Tour in Houston. Home to NASA Space Center, Houston is perhaps most famous for putting the first man on the moon with its historic Apollo 11 launch in July of 1967.

“I’m a father of seven. My first daughter had the opportunity to volunteer for Cantata. She played an angel. She does ballet and volunteering for this performance gave her so much happiness. It was really good that I could ‘witness’ the birth of Jesus through the Cantata, too. I hope my daughter can stay involved with this organization and that this performance is made known to more people.”

-Gabor Vecseri Father of a Christmas Cantata volunteer

“Tonight was the first time meeting Gracias Choir for me. I fell into their realistic acting and beautiful voices on stage. I especially liked Act 1 when Christ was born. Just like the gift giver has more joy and expectations than the one who receives it, I realize now that God is so happy when we receive the heart of Jesus.”

-Berenice Nodrow University of Houston

God had prepared so much fruit to be reaped in Houston. The mayor, the sponsors, everyone expressed their thankfulness for Christmas Cantata and requested Gracias Choir return next year. The glory of God and the true Gospel is alive in the music and we have no choice but to revere it.

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