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[CLF Executive Program] Presentation Ceremony and Proclamation Signing

The CLF Executive Program

The CLF hosted the “CLF Executive Program” with the goal to “raise up the best pastors” started from February 11th and has ended in March 10th. The CLF, which started in New York in 2017, has just enjoyed its third year anniversary and over 100,000 pastors from all over the world have heard the gospel through the programs under its name.

The pastors who have received the precise gospel in their heart have begun to preach the same gospel and those who share the vision of partnering with the CLF vision of ministry have participated in the sermon workshops held in South Korea.

A pastoral participant deeply retentive to the sermon

Through participant Q & A, a better understanding and detailed learning can take place

Pastors taking notes during the workshop

CLF Executive Program Presentation Ceremony

95 pastors from 4 different continents and 15 different countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Ethiopia, Kiribati, Ecuador and more were in attendance. Along with them are 14 bishops and heads of their respective religious bodies who are also in attendance. The pastors take part in courses composed of lectures on the gospel, church history, the spiritual life of Paul revealed in the book of Acts, the tabernacle, lectures on Romans, and etc. As many were from diverse countries and used different languages, the teaching staff and the interpreters spent a full month preaching the word of God.

As the bishops and heads of the religious bodies encountered the true gospel and the deep understanding of the Bible of the teaching staff, they made the resolution to sign a MOU for a “mutual agreement to actively take part in exchange of education for the youth, theology and education”.

Pastor Kim Sung Hoon preaches the message at the first presentation ceremony of the “CLF Executive Program” Workshop.

On March 6th, the presentation ceremony of the very first “CLF Executive Program” was held at the Good News Chang Won Church after 4 weeks of training.

That day, Pastor Kim Sung Hoon from the Good News Masan Church spoke, “By the tradition of Israel, Esau should have been blessed because he is the oldest and Jacob should have been cursed. However, just like how he believed in only Rebecca and went forward, if we believe only what Jesus has done for us, we can receive the blessing. When you go back to your countries, receive strength from Jesus and God will be with you as you preach the gospel.”

Bishop Michael Omogo from Gabon at the Presentation Ceremony

Signing of the Proclamation at the CLF Executive Program Closing Ceremony

After Pastor Kim’s sermon, the pastors who attended the workshop came out one by one to receive their certificates. Then, 10 of the representative pastors came and signed a proclamation that was written in three languages: Korean, English and French.

The Representative Pastor from Cote d’Ivoire signing the proclamation

The 10 representative pastors presenting the proclamation

100,000 pastors gathered together since 2017 to become one-heart with the Bible. We have much hope when we think about the 95 pastors who have completed the Executive Program will go back to their home countries and preach the true gospel.



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