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(Costa Rica) The Grand Bible Seminar, Through Faith and a New Heart

From the 6th (Mon) to the 9th (Thurs) of April in 2015, there was a Grand Bible Seminar in San Jose with the invitation of Pastor Kyoung Ho Song, of Bundang Church.

Although a long time has passed since the construction of the church in Costa Rica, the floor was still made up of concrete and because of this incompletion, the congregation made a resolution to place tiles on the floor for this Bible Seminar. Because God was happy with this work, He provided us with specialist workers and low building costs through the purchase of cheap but quality tiles. Within one week of the beginning of the construction, the tiles were all laid out beautifully and were ready to greet its guests.


In terms of promoting this Bible Seminar, it was done through free advertisement in the radio and television as well as handing out leaflets in separate regions, informing people of this good news. During the Prayer Meeting in the evening, through the Word about the four lepers who did not dwell in the circumstances but took a step forward relying on God, we were able to have the time to escape from our own experiences and have hope.


Finally, on the day of the Bible Seminar, everyone was busy as the brothers and sisters were split into groups such as ushers and personal counselors, but they all had expectant hearts of how God would work. As the Bible Seminar began and we began to sing the pre-hymns, the seats began to fill up with participants and then, the song of the Hosanna Choir knocked on the hearts of the participants.


In the early morning, we were able to hear the Word of Pastor Ki Sung Kim. Using his own testimonies, Pastor preached about how we should not follow the thoughts that Satan gives us but rather stand on the side of God and gain new hearts that will fight against the thoughts of Satan.

Through the sermons from Pastor Kyoung Ho Song, he explained that just as the shoe was made for the feet and the glove for the hand, our hearts are in the shape of God so, no matter how hard we try to be happy, if God does not enter our hearts, we cannot do so. He further added that we cannot become righteous through the acts of the law but only through the blood of Jesus that perfects us.


Every evening, there were about 300 participants and after the sermon, 50 people put their hand up to say that they would like to hear more. To those people who had raised their hands, the brothers and sisters who were in charge of the counseling made sure that, after the prayer, they could sit down and opening the Bible to have personal counseling. Sounds of this fellowship filled the hall.



At the same time, a Bible Seminar for children was taking place. The Sunday School teachers of the San Jose church used the book, ‘The Forgiveness of Sin and the Secret of Being Born Again’, to pick a theme to tell the children. The Gospel was preached in a way that was understandable to children and as they told their parents afterwards that they had received salvation, the parents were grateful for the church that allowed them to witness their children having assurance in the salvation of God.



It was also a blessed time for the brothers and sisters who were able to repent on themselves who believed in their own thoughts and experiences as they saw how God had prepared over 100 new people. They had realised how much they had looked down on the church and God. Moreover, through this time, they were able to have strength once again by the Word that they had heard in every session.





The San Jose church of Costa Rica is planning regional and local Bible Seminars to carry on the power with which God had worked and is still working. We hope that the Gospel will continue to flow from the mouths of the brothers and sisters as they establish the servant of God and the church in their hearts.

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