‘Cote d’Ivoire welcomes us’ MOU Agreement with the Mayor of Abidjan, Proposed Mind Education to Mini

The Military band performed a fanfare for Pastor Ock Soo Park and guests at city hall. Before going to Abidjan, pastor met the President of Benin for the 4th time.


During the morning of our departure to Abidjan, on Friday the 13th, the President called us. He had requested for a meeting. Pastor Ock Soo Park, choir members Hye Mi Choi and Jin Young Park, Brother Joseph Kim, and several missionaries met the President. He had a cabinet meeting in the morning and so only had about 20 minutes, but he was still grateful for the visit. Pastor Park expressed his gratitude for the invitation, and then prayed for the President of Benin. After listening to Pastor Ock Soo Park’s prayer and words, the President expressed that 2015 would be a faithful, glorious and graceful year. We observed how he stood before God and then began to hope that if the country of Benin stood before God, it would be blessed even amongst its diseases and many difficulties.