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[Daegu] 2011 IYF Leadership Camp with Philippines Students (July 06, 2011)

As rain cooled down the heat of summer, “2011 IYF Leadership Camp” was held from June 26th (Sun) to July 3rd (Sun) at IYF Daegu Center, gathering about 250 students from Philippines and 200 students from Daegu and Kyeongbuk, South Korea.

The Philippine students were selected for this program by the Minister of Youth, presidents of various universities and the government of their state.

On 27th, the opening ceremony conveyed joy and mesmerized the eyes, ears, and hearts of the audience through various stages colored with traditional dances, choral performances, and mind education.

Through mind education, students learned that pursuing 8% of what’s visible in the world in flesh would only lead to pain and failure while following 92% of what’s invisible in the world in God would lead to true happiness. Pastor Dong Seong Kim used PowerPoint to preach the gospel such that the students may easily understand the gospel with great interest.

In the mornings, students gathered for diverse academy classes including Hanji (Korean traditional paper) art, Korean food making, samulnori (Korean traditional percussion quartet), and calligraphy. This provided special time for students who were very interested in Korean culture.

During special guest session, celebrity Kyeong Cheol Song and singer Ae Suk Lee fashioned a passionate musical stage while Jae Hoon Lee of Park Jung Hee Leadership Research Institute gave a lecture on “New Village Movement,” claiming that former President Park’s “Can Do” mindset accompanied by public assurance effort can bring stability to the growth of Korean economy today. Listening to his lecture, the Philippine students gained hope and dream that their country can also develop like Korea.

Moreover, chief manager Hyeong Ik Cho of Dong Daegu Station gave his personal account on leadership skills practiced on site and demonstrated the mindset which prospective leaders ought to have in future.

In the afternoons, students gathered for mini-olympics, sports activities, Andong village tour, etc. to engage in cultural exchange with Korean students and experience Korean culture.

Elena Valetta (University of the Philippines Baguio) “All friends I’ve met in Korea are very warm and friendly. And mind education provided a very helpful insight for my life. I think this camp is very edifying.”

Through this Leadership Camp, the students are enlightened with the mindset of IYF: challenge, union, fellowship.

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