(Detroit, USA) Christmas Cantata and God Who Made Detroit Citizens Eternally Whole

The fourth city is Detroit.

‘Motor City’. Detroit, once renowned for being America’s largest industrial city, started to subside with American domestic cars in the early 1990s by the emergence of foreign automobiles. Moreover, livelihood was pushed to the corners with key leaders of Detroit involving in secret deals and corruption. Finally in 2013, the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy.


Afterwards, many people left the city and the remaining citizens lost hope in life, falling into drugs and alcohol addiction. Detroit degenerated into the most dangerous city in America with the highest crime rate. Presently, 2 years after declaring bankruptcy, there are efforts to change with redevelopment construction taking place in different places within the city. But the citizens live on with an unhealed scar left inside the heart.


“I believe the Christmas Cantata is performance that is absolutely necessary for the people of Detroit.  I grew up in this city. A lot of stuff happened. But one thing I felt for sure while preparing the Cantata is that the Cantata will