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[Dominican Republic] Not by Our Eyes but by the Eyes of God

The Third Session (13th~16th)

The English Camp is finished halfway and heading towards the end. From the 13th to the 16th, for 4 days, the English Camp was carried out in 8 different schools. Wondering what kind of students might be awaiting us, we packed the things needed for the English class, and got on the bus provided with a joyful heart.


The time inside the bus with the air-conditioner on is a moment that can’t be missed. “Now, school 1, please get off.” With the words of our missionary who said that this school was where God has sent us this week, we began our first class. As we had expected, another group of wild horse-like students were waiting. They roam around endless, screaming and never listening. However, we are not people to complain about such a situation. God gave us these students. In God’s house, they are already changed students! We settled down and began class.





As we taught each hour, we were able to see the students straightening out their postures and participating actively in the class. The characteristic of the schools this week is that the school principals considered it very important to preach the Words to the students and carried out this English Camp for the purpose of the mind lecture more than anything else.

From year 1 to high school students, a wide age range of students participated in the classes. Some high students in a certain school studied for their state exams in the morning and attended the English Camp in the afternoon. Actually, it was difficult for the students to participate in classes due to the hot weather and stress from the exam. However, they were quiet and serious about the sermon time. The principal of this school made the high school students attend as well, saying that they needed to hear the Words.


“This English Camp is a well-planned good camp and I believe it is a great opportunity for the students. Also, English is the most important language and I’m glad you have come to Santiago and held the English Camp in our school. One of the most important classes in the English Camp is the mind lecture and many people across the world are losing the value of family. Moreover, people have no consideration or sympathy for others and simply live for themselves. The mind lecture is very important to our students because the mind lecture gives the chance to change the centre of the heart. I hope the students learned a lot towards the end of the English Camp and apply the many tools learnt at the English Camp to their own lives. We want to hold this English Camp again. Especially, since the speed at which the young students acquire English skills is fast, we want to invite you again for the younger students than 5-8th year.” – Yanady Elizabeth Santana

The principal of another school also consider the sermons to be very important. From the beginning until the end, they supported us and helped us wholeheartedly. There is a snack break in between class in Dominican Republic public schools. A round bread and a juice box is always given and this was an effort made by the nation’s President to provide as much food as possible for the growing students. The school teachers also gave us this bread and juice package every snack break. They give us enough that we bring it back to the church because we cannot finish them all. It was a snack in which their hearts could be felt.


When the gospel was preached to the students during the mind lecture, the students were also very pure in heart, listened attentively, and were happy. We could not open the principal’s heart by ourselves, but the heart of God wanting to let the students listen to the gospel opened the hearts of the teachers and gave them the heart to value the gospel.

“I believe that my sins have been cleansed. I didn’t believe it before but I believed it as I listened to the Words at the camp. The difference between what I had learnt before is that God has cleansed my sins eternally. I am not a sinner.” – Politecnico Los Rieles School Teacher


“I am so thankful that you have come and taught us English and the Words of God. I wanted to share more fellowship with you, but you have been very kind to us and told us about the love of God. The Lord sacrificed for us and redeemed all our sins. The Words I heard here were different from what I heard before. The things that people told me before were that enough Jesus died for our sins, we are still condemned people and we are not saved. But, what I heard here that Jesus died for us and believing that our sins have been redeemed was different from the Words I heard of before. What I realized now is that I can go to heaven by faith through Jesus. In the future, I want to work with the IYF and preach the gospel together.” – Jeffrey

We could clearly see that God was working for this English Camp. When we see with our eyes, we only see circumstances. But, when we see with the eyes of God, the students have already changed. While holding the English Camp, we were very happy to see the works shown by God each day and we look forward to what works He will do tomorrow.

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