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[Dominican Republic] “Son! Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee.”


The Dominican Republic is a nation in the Hispaniola Island of the Central American Carribean. It is located on the east side of the Hispaniola Island, which is part of the Greater Antilles, with Haiti on the eastside. In terms of population and area, the Dominican Republic is the second biggest nation after Cuba in the Dominican Republic. The capital is Santo Domingo and the bible seminar will take place at the second biggest city, Santiago.


The ‘Good News’ was delivered to 1,000 Christian leaders and one hundred thousand citizens during the US Christmas Cantata Tour that ended on the 16th in Orlando. In the morning of the 17th, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir headed for the airport to the Dominican Republic bible seminar.


The party that arrived in the Dominican Republic was able to pass through customs quickly as VIP by the good offices of the City Mayor of Santiago. They went straight to the luncheon prepared by the Christian Leader, Jahzeel. Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel to the Christian leaders that attended the meal.



At 3 pm, there was a press conference at the Gran Teatro del Cibao. Afterwards at 4:30 pm, an Educator’s Forum and Christian Leader’s Forum was held for the educational personnel and pastors. Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced the world of heart that he learned from the bible, explained how to speak of hope in times of despair and import this hope.


After the event was over, he was invited to the office of the Mayor of Santiago where they met. The Mayor of Santiago is giving his full support for this bible seminar. He is helping in providing many things from vehicles, accommodation, and food. Pastor Ock Soo Park explained to the Mayor of Santiago about how his heart can become one with the Words, and once it becomes one, God’s power works through us.


From the 16th to the 19th of October in Santiago, a bible seminar based on the theme, “Repentance and Faith” is being held at Gran Teatro del Cibao.




The event started with the MC of Missionary Chun Gwon Kim and prayer of Missionary Bub Sub Kim.






The soprano duet of Jin Young Park and Hye Mi Choi, tenor Julio, solo of violinist Jun Hee Park, and the chorus of the Gracias Choir brought out the awe and exclamation of the audience. Especially, the Spanish songs of the Gracias Choir immersed the participants into joy.



Lastly, when the Choir ended with the song, Por Amor the audience gave a standing ovation. Before listening to the sermon, their hearts were softened by the music.



The sermon by Pastor Ock Soo Park led the participants into the world of the Words. “No matter what difficulty you are in, if your heart is freed from it then you are freed from everything. In the same way, it is important to lead your heart out. Once you lead out your heart, you can be freed from the problems of sin, illness and everything else. ‘Son! Thy sins be forgiven thee’, ‘Does he have sins or not? ‘We live in a temporal world of the past, present, and future. But God lives in an eternal world. In the world seen by God, my sins are already gone. The man with palsy believed these words. Jesus did not say these words only to this man with palsy. He is speaking to you all.”


“I felt so thankful in my heart while listening to the Pastor’s sermon. Jesus told the man, ‘Take up thy bed and walk.’ In the same way, I was able to have the faith that Jesus took away my sins and I heard that we can also stand up with the Words.” -Marianny Gacia


“I got to know that our sins can be washed away by one person and our hearts can change through one person. When I heard that Jesus had taken our sins away I felt freed from the burden in my heart and overflowing with joy and hope.” -Purs Lopel


Although a bit exhausted after the US Cantata, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the Choir, and the crew continue spreading the gospel for the many people who need to hear. We are thankful to see that the Words, ‘Son! Thy sins be forgiven thee,’ spoken to the people today delivered into the Dominican Republic to stand up and walk as a righteous being, not sinner.

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