[Dominican Republic] The 2nd Gracias International Competition is Held

Dominican Republic students overcome ‘burden’ and take on ‘challenge.’

On October 15th, the Gracias Music School that will lead the future of music in the Dominican Republic held the Gracias International Music Competition at the Cibao Julio Alberto Hernández Hall located in the city of Santiago.

The competition that began at 11am took place with 15 participants passing the preliminary in the student and adult parts, and 5 participants competing in the final round. Throughout the competition, the students’ expressions were filled with nervousness, but their performance had made improvements in comparison with last year.

On this day, the IYF Branch Manager of Dominican Republic, Chun Kwon Kim delivered a congratulatory message saying that music has the power to move hearts and therefore, the participants’ performance could change the audiences into sadness, joy, despair, or hope, and wished them to become people who perform for others.

The long-awaited awarding ceremony began and Samuel Fernandez (Dominican Republic Municipal Gracias Music School student) received 2nd prize from the students’ part, Jean Alberto Mendez (Dominican Republic Santo Domingo National Conservatory student) received 2nd prize from the adults’ part, and Gui Noel (Academy ICA Clarinet Professor) received 3rd prize.

Through this competition, many participants had the chance to increase their music ability, and the Gracias International Competition plans to become more international and the world’s greatest music school as it continues to hold competitions in the future.

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