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Ecuador Bible Seminar (2011-01-03)

The Ecuador Quito Church held a Bible Seminar beginning on the 16th to the 18th of December, invited by Pastor Marco,

Pastor Marco received salvation three years ago. The church he was ministering in at the time was divided due to an internal conflict and as a result, he was shaken of his ministry and he attended the Ecuador church’s Bible Seminar and received salvation there.

After that, Pastor Marco attended the services at Quito church every Wednesday and listened to the sermons. He realized why most of his church members were not saved.

And so, he wanted the Ecuador Quito to preach to the congregation of his church and prepared a Bible Seminar at his church.

Rain fell without stop and the weather was chilly throughout but approximately 30 people attended and listened to the sermons.

Minister Tae Kang Kwon preached in regards to the Lazarus in Jesus’ perspective and Lazarus in Mary and Martha’s perspective and emphasized that we may seem like sinners in our perspectives but we are righteous through Jesus inside the Word of God.

On the last day, most of the attendees confirmed their salvation and raised their hands in joy. Pastor Marco promised that they will pray for the congregation with a smile.

The Ecuador church felt the handwork of God and the brothers and sisters were very thankful.

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