[El Paso, USA] “Oh! I Really Wanted To See It!”

The 16th city is El Paso.

“I know we’re late but…isn’t there a way we could get inside?” “I’m sorry. Very Sorry. But the seats are full.” “I got late waiting for a friend but my daughter’s inside.”

There was a small talk with the two wistful people in the theater. Their names were Adda and Navid. The gospel preached to them through the stories of the birth of Jesus in the Cantata, life between family members etc. The couple didn’t have a particular religion but they confessed that they contemplate on life whenever they are in difficulty. “There are times when a day goes by without much pleasure. Sometimes I think to myself about the meaning of life after the kids go to school.” Adda and Navid weren’t able to enter into the performance hall but they were happy at the Cantata Photo Book that the journalist gave them as a gift. “I would like to return next year and see it for myself!”

Mrs. Shannon who came to today’s performance hand-in-hand with her grandchildren said the Christmas Cantata had overwhelmed her and gave unstinted praise such as, “Awesome!” and “Beautiful.” Moreover, she bought a coffee table book (Gracias Photo Book) for her son’s couple who couldn’t come today because of their twin babies saying, “I must give this to them.”

“The 1st stage especially took me on a time travel to that era in Bethlehem. It cannot be expressed in words. When Jesus was born, it felt like I was there at the stable at that time. We are really people who need Jesus but we have forgotten that Jesus in our lives. He spoke so that it is easy to accept Jesus in our hearts! I’m very grateful to all of you for having come to El Paso!”

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