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[Ethiopia] MOU Signing with TVET Technical University, Meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Minis

The meeting between Pastor Ocksoo Park and the governor of Ministry of Sports Academy.

On October 16th, Pastor Ocksoo Park embarked on his five country trip to Africa, and he arrived at his first stop which was Ethiopia.



Starting with a meeting with the prime minister at 9am there was another meeting at 11am with the governor of Sports Academy. There was an MOU signing on March earlier this year so the ‘Mind Lecture’ was taught not only to the youth but also to athletes as well. Governor Ambessau spoke about the importance of the mind to Pastor Park and wished to know more about it.

Governor Ambessau said that the youth problems in Ethiopia were very serious. He saw many athletes falling into sin or losing their matches due to fear. Seeing this he claimed that what they needed most was the ‘Mind Lecture.’



“After the Ministry of Youth signed a MOU with IYF, they have been lecturing to civil servants in the ministry as well as to the sports academy instructors. It was a lecture regarding the mind set and we felt that in everything which we were doing we needed this mind education and all the lectures were very successful. As our athletes learn from this ‘Mind Lecture’ I believe that it can be very beneficial for them. The founder of IYF came today and had a meeting with the chief governor, and I believe that the work which the chief governor has appointed to us could be achieved with great results if we work together.” Ambessau (Governor of Sports Academy)


MOU Signing between IYF and TVET Technical University

This afternoon there was a MOU signing between TVET technical school and the IYF.

Around December of last year the TVET University hired a hotel and held a ‘Mind Lecture’ session with 33 deans of universities. The reaction of the deans were great so they hired a bigger hall and hosted the ‘Mind Lecture’ in front of 2500 students and professors. The presidents of the TVET University felt that this kind of education needed to be implemented more practically throughout the school, that is why he decided to have a MOU signing during the visit of Pastor Park.




Before the signing ceremony Pastor Park met with Chancellor Zenu and shared greetings. The chancellor expressed his gratitude towards pastor and others for making their way all the way from Korea to visit Ethiopia.

The MOU signing ceremony began with the singing of the National Anthems of both countries. Pastor Haeseok Lee was the MC for the event. After the showing of the IYF promotional video the chancellor of the university explained to the 33 deans and education leaders about the importance of the ‘Mind Lecture.’



“As you saw from the promotional video the mind of IYF changes an individual, their family, and has the capacity to change society and many countries. No matter how much skill you learn if your mind does not change the skill is useless and there can be no improvement. I express my gratitude to Pastor Park and IYF for coming all the way from Korea to teach us about the world best mind.”




Afterwards there was a congratulatory message from Pastor Park.

“Technical skills are important, but you must also learn about the world of the heart. If you learn the world of the heart and learn about self-control, in-depth thinking and communication with others around you then you will be able to live a more blessed life than the life you live currently. I hope that this ‘Mind Lecture’ could be applied to your culture and lead you to become beautiful leaders of Ethiopia.”

Afterwards there was a response from Chancellor Zenu of TVET technical University.

“Today we held a MOU signing with IYF. We plan on doing the ‘Mind Lecture’ all over TVET University. Especially for the youth, educators and students we are going to teach the ‘Mind Lecture’ along with the technical skills. I believe that through this the students will become good citizens, good entrepreneurs and good professionals. That is why we will work side by side with the ‘Mind Lecture.’



After the signing of the MOU, Pastor Park said that he hoped that students can visit Korea in the future and exchange with enterprises in Korea and also learn skills as well as the mind from Korea to become workers for Ethiopia.


Ethiopia was the first stop in the five country tour.

Through the meeting with the chief governor of Ethiopia there was great progress in discussion with the Ministry of Youth regarding future plans. Also through the chancellor of TVET university who felt the importance of the ‘Mind Lecture’ there was a MOU signing. 33 deans and education leaders saw all these things and were very happy. Now we are very hopeful about the great works which will occur in the future in Ethiopia through all these things.

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