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[Ethiopia] Short Visit, Long History

On the 4th of August Pastor Ock Soo Park visited Ethiopia. It is already the 4th visit in one year. It is not often that he visits the same country 4 times in the same year. That is how much God cares for the country, and he is displaying this through his servant.

The Minister of Religion, whom he had met during the last World Camp, welcomed Pastor Ock Soo Park at the airport as a VIP and paid for all costs involved with the visa as well as taking Pastor Ock Soo Park and company to their destination all day long.


Despite the tight schedule of Pastor Ock Soo Park, they headed straight to the Ministry of Youth and Sport. This was to sign an MOU with the Ethiopian University Sports Group who will be hosting the All-African Universities Games next year with over 40 million members.

Pastor Ock Soo Park, who arrived at the venue immediately began to preach through the example of the ‘Woman caught in the act of adultery in John 8’. He preached the gospel and said that ‘Jesus does not condemn us’.



Next, there was the MOU signing ceremony. After singing the Korean and Ethiopian national anthems, they watched an introductory video of the IYF. Afterwards, there was the performance from Sopranos Jin Young Park and Hye Mi Choi of the Gracias Choir.


All the representatives were very excited and had a lot of hope for the change that will occur through the Mind Education, saying, “We have taught the student many different skills and knowledge but we did not educate their minds. So, we could not teach the students the world of the heart that they must have.”



Firstly, there was the signing ceremony with the Universities’ Sports Union and the Youth Group.


After the Signing Ceremony, Pastor Ock Soo Park gave his congratulatory message. Through the story of Good News Corps volunteer Hyun Jeong Choi, he talked about how she was able to open her heart and therefore become happy. He said that there was no enough time to talk about all of these instances but he mentioned that so many of the volunteers were able to connect their hearts to others and become so much happier. He hoped that through the MOU, the youth in Ethiopia could also feel the same happiness.


After the signing ceremony, there was a group photo. Vice Chancellor of Mekelle Univeristy was so happy after the event and said, “I was so joyful and happy because of the people who truly accepted us with their hearts and I was also able to learn many things during the World Camp in Korea.” Moreover, he asked Pastor Ock Soo Park for help on the event next year and Pastor duly agreed saying that he will provide support for the Africa Universiade Event that will take place in Ethiopia.

God has allowed us to gain the whole of Ethiopia. Now, through the MOU with the Youth Group and the Universities’ Sports Union, he has specifically shown us works of gaining the youth. The representatives of both organisations were both also very happy to be working with the IYF and had prepared legal side of signing the MOU.

In the afternoon, the Chairman of the University Sports Union came to speak to Pastor Ock Soo Park again saying that if the youth learn the mind that Pastor Ock Soo Park is teaching, they will be able to live a happy life. The Chairman expressed how happy he was to work with Pastor Ock Soo Park.

Also, Pastor Ock Soo Park met with the daughter of the Director of Religious Affairs and preached the Gospel to Pastor Wesen who had been to Korea.



In the evening, Pastor Ock Soo Park and company attended a Feast that was being hosted by the Minister of Youth who also had been to Korea. Despite it being very busy in Ethiopia, the Minister of Youth took the time to go to Korea and had opened his heart towards the IYF and welcomed Pastor Ock Soo Park. He was very touched by the way he was treated in Korea; he was welcomed and treated very warmly despite being a Muslim.


The Minister of Education also took the time to participate in this meal to say thank you to Pastor Ock Soo Park. The Choir sang a few songs during the meal and there was also exchanging of gifts. They welcomed the prospect of working together for this Mind Education.

After returning from Medical Volunteering, Chinese Pharmacist Brother Cho checked the health of the Minister of Youth and Minister of Education as well as the Direct of Religious Affairs.

All the government officials from Ethiopia who had attended the World Camp in Korea treated the company as warmly as they were treated in Korea, almost like family.  Although it was one short day, it was a historical day in which God has opened the door for the gospel and the Mind Education for us.

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