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[Europe] Germany World Camp – Preparing for the departure of the ship of change

With the start of the first European World Camp in 2009 in Vienna Austria, the 3rd 2011 European World Camp will open in Cologne Germany this year.

Cologne, the city where the World Camp will take place in July, although is not a city we are well acquainted with, it is the number 1 city where Germans like to visit and not only do Germans visit the city all year around but people all around the world come to tour the city with a 2000 years old deep culture and construction history. It is also the center of trading and transportation of Germany since the Rhine River runs through it and is also one of the centers of trading of Europe. Furthermore, approximately 20,000 people visit the Cologne Cathedral per day which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Bible Seminar was held from the 19th with guest speaker Pastor Kyoung Soo Park at the Duesseldorf Church that is preparing for the Cologne World Camp. The short term missionaries from Germany and neighboring countries gathered two week prior to prepare for the seminar. As they met the citizens of the 6th best city to live in Duesseldorf, they were despised but they also met people whose souls were thirsty from not being able to fulfill their lives and reacted to the news about the seminar, which gave hope and happiness in the hearts of the short term missionaries.

The seminar began in the morning of the 19th. One, two new people who were waiting for the seminar came to the conference. They opened their hearts as they listened to the songs the short term missionaries prepared and they reacted to the word, and a person who attended the seminar once continued to come to listen to the word and is having individual fellowship. Furthermore, when we listen to the people’s reaction to the seminar they said, “we have never heard such precise Word of God until now” and they hoped to continue to listen to the word and said they will attend the post-conference.

On the 20th evening seminar, a Hungarian woman who attended the seminar said as she worked in Italy and Germany she was seeking for the truth but every church would say they are the truth but she didn’t know what the truth was and she said she would like to meet the truth.

The Lord who is strongly working the newly changed Germany, we hope to see how He will also work through the Cologne World Camp. We ask for your prayers for the seminar which will continue until the 21ths and also for the Germany World Camp which will be held in July.



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