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[Europe] Lisbon Portugal Church Bible Seminar

From April 5th to 7th, there was a bible seminar with Pastor Do Hyeon Kim (administering in Argentina) in Lisbon, Portugal. This was the first bible seminar organized since brethren received salvation in Lisbon church. Though we lacked in various aspects, we were able to prepare the seminar with a grateful heart.

Brothers and sisters invited families and friends nearby, and many took leave from work in order to attend the seminar. God provided a good place and weather, and many assembled with a fluttering heart full of hope.

Pastor Do Hyeon Kim preached the gospel in detail explaining that we will change if we meet God. All participants listened earnestly, and once pastor finished preaching, they desired to have a spiritual counseling. Every day, newcomers joined the seminar to listen to words; and some, who did not have assurance of salvation after listening to the gospel, had many questions answered through spiritual counseling.

On the last day, a baptismal ceremony was held in the beach. This became an unforgettable and thoughtful moment for many brothers and sisters. After receiving baptism, brothers and sisters conveyed thanks to God with praises.

This bible seminar demonstrated a clear path that Christians ought to take, and we hope that God will change Portugal as He did us.



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