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[Europe] Toledo, Spain Bible Seminar News April 05, 2012

From the 23rd to the 25th of March, at the city of Toledo, famous for being a medieval city and situated 70 kilometers away from Madrid, a Bible Seminar was held with missionary Eduardo being invited as the guest speaker. The seminar was possible because of the invitation from Pastor Mauritius, who previously attended the seminar in Madrid.

Pastor Mauritius was deeply touched after attending the last day of the Bible Seminar in Madrid thus hosted the seminar in Toledo. He wanted to preach the gospel he heard to his saints, however was saddened as he did not know the precise words. Upon arrival, Pastor Eduardo and his accompanying group were warmly welcomed by Pastor Mauritius and the saints, and they prepared for the seminar whole-heartedly.

Although it was a small church, as soon as the seminar began the chapel was filled with people. The dance performance by the short term missionaries lightened the mood, and we were able to see the participants rejoice and could feel our hearts becoming one step closer.

Referring to the story of Cain and Abel, Pastor Eduardo preached the gospel easily and clearly, and the participants listened with a sincere attitude. Their attitude reflected how long they had waited for this seminar and how desperate they were to hear this gospel.

The saints of the host church invited the guest speaker along with the short term missionaries to their homes and wanted them to stay and have deeper fellowship with them. Due to their influent Spanish, the short term missionaries were unable to share many conversations, however through facial expressions and gestures they shared their hearts and preached the happiness they gained after having met Christ.

On the last day, Pastor Mauritius and the saints requested for another seminar and were sad to see us leave.

God truly loves Spain, and we are so grateful to him for allowing us to preach the Word of life to souls that are thirsting for the gospel. I hope that the work of the gospel in Spain may continue, and also hope that through the upcoming Grand Seminar in Germany and several World Camps in Europe, Europe will change.



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