[Fiji] Fiji Prime Minister and Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Meeting

On the 7th, the second day of the Fiji World Camp, there was a meeting scheduled with Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama in the morning. Near the appointed time, it was delayed. Later on, we found out that the Prime Minister had cancelled all other appointments due to health problems but only delayed the meeting with us.



Thus, the meeting with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Pastor Ock Soo Park took place at the Prime Minister’s Office in the Government Complex Building located in Suva, the capital. This meeting was able to be achieved through Mr. Kisoko Tagitumaivei, who was the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office in 2015, attended the Korean World Camp, listened to the Mind Lecture and gospel, and introduced us.

As Pastor Park and his company entered the Prime Minister’s office, the Prime Minister of Fiji welcomed them gladly. The Prime Minister spoke about the Camp opening ceremony that he attended the day before saying, “Thank you for holding a camp for the youths of Fiji. As I said yesterday at the opening ceremony, youths nowadays are very different from the way we think. Through this kind of camp, I believe the mind needs to change.”



Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke, “We need your help, Prime Minister in doing these works. Nowadays, there is a lot of knowledge that students see, learn, and access but they lack the self-control to control it. In terms of a car, it is the same as a good engine that is fast in speed but the brakes do not work. That is why I educate the minds of youths and over 5,000 students have gone for a year of overseas volunteer work in 200 branches across the world through the program called Good News Corps. It becomes a time for the students to become hungry, go through hardships, become ill with malaria, and feel many things and learn each other’s hearts. If you help us, we would like to carry out mind education with teachers first.”