[Fiji] Heated with Fever, Fiji World Camp

Fiji is in its coolest weather throughout the year. On the 7th, at the Suva Civic Center where a cool breeze is blowing, the second day of the happy Fiji World Camp has begun.


Fiji is consisted of 322 islands and for most people it is not easy to afford to attend the camp. Therefore, this camp was supported accommodation and food, transportation costs, participation fees by the government, allowing 200 students from surrounding islands to attend along with 300 students that participated through TV advertisement and university promotion, as well as many pastors and educators.

Moreover, the brothers and sisters from Australia or New Zealand gathered offerings to support those students who truly wanted to attend with transportation costs and participation fees, making this camp not only a Fiji Camp but a great event of all of the South Pacific.

The World Camp Opening Ceremony news on Fiji media and the Gracias Choir’s small concert in the Prime Minister’s office



On the 6th, last Monday, news of the Fiji World Camp at the Suva Civic Center where the Prime Minister also attended was reported throughout influential press of Fiji. News was published on Fiji Today, Fiji Times as well as on the government website. On the 7th, last Tuesday, after the meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park at the Prime Minister’s Office, news of the small concert of the Gracias Choir with Ministers of each Department was posted on Fiji Government’s Facebook and YouTube.

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– Fiji Government Facebook – Small Concert at Prime Minister’s office (video)

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Heated with fever, the Fiji World Camp