(Fiji) The 1st IT & Christian Camp 2014

The Gospel Preached to 450 people of Fiji and Other Islands

From the 27th of November to the 30th, the 1st IT & Christian Camp in Fiji was established.


In this camp, which received direct support from the government, 450 of participants we gathered from Fiji and surrounding islands. Another 150 of the Good News Medical Volunteers also took part.

The servants of God, who received the heart of Pastor Park saying, ‘With the gospel to the last, to the end with the Lord’, began to preach the gospel to the islands in the Oceanic area. Those same people received the heart to prepare for this IT & Christian Camp from God through prayer. At first the camp was prepared within a small scale but God widened the view, and through the government of Fiji, the limits were overcome and the scale could spread to those outside of Fiji. Through this we could see that God was happy about holding this event and therefore began to do great works.


In order to provide for the large number of volunteers and students, the support from the local companies and businesses were vital. However, to receive this support, we needed an official document. God moved the heart of the Prime Minister of Fiji and we received a letter of enthusiastic promotion for this Camp. This was all the grace of God.