[Fiji] The flower of the Gospel Blooms on a Beautiful Island in the South Pacific

In Fiji, an island in the South Pacific, Pastor Woong-ki Yang, the senior pastor, held a ‘Bible Seminar’ at Good News Suva Church for three days from October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday).

In Suva Church, new people such as acquaintances and volunteers were connected by inviting people through communication and promotion of brothers and sisters. Before listening to the words of Pastor Woong-ki Yang, the main lecturer of the Bible seminar, the attendees heard the salvation testimonies of the brothers and sisters. Although there were different circumstances, the testimonies that they all overcame them with God and completely were forgiven of their sins, gave great inspiration to new people. In addition, the Gracias Choir's praise video melted the hearts of the attendees and added joy and happiness at the same time.

Wednesday, October 26

Pastor Woong-ki Yang delivered the message on the first day of the Bible Seminar with <Joshua 9:1-8, 14-25>. The Pastor said, “There are two types of people in this story. There are people who oppose Joshua, and there are people who survived after making a covenant with Joshua. Although Gibeon was a strong nation compared to other nations, when he saw God working in Israel, he realized that he was nothing compared to God. So, by acting like a beggar, revealing their weaknesses, and making a covenant with Joshua, they were able to receive God's grace. However, the 6 tribes of Canaan did not compare themselves with God. For this reason, they believed in their own power without knowing exactly who they were, and eventually went to the path of destruction by fighting with Joshua and Israel. Many people go to church and say they have sin, and they think that they can go to heaven if they confess their sins with zeal. However, those who do not know themselves have no choice but to go down the road of destruction like the 6 tribes of Canaan.” We are able to discover precisely that we are nothing through God. It is not that we must go to heaven with our zeal, but we can go to heaven through faith in the blood of Jesus, who has already forgiven all our sins."

Thursday, October 27

On the second day, through <John 2:1-10>, he said, "We must cast away our thoughts and be led by the words of Jesus." “There is a realm of time and a realm of eternity. In the time system, because time is passing, we regret for the past and worry about the future. However, in the eternal world, there is no time, so there is no need to worry and regret, and live only with life and happiness. In John 2, at the wedding feast in Galilee, wine ran out, and the servants were full of worries and anxieties. But Jesus told the servants to fill the jar with water and bring the jar with the water to the banquet hall. In the eyes of the servants, this is clearly water. But in the eyes of Jesus, this is wine, not water. When the servants abandoned their thoughts and followed Jesus' words, the jar of water was surprisingly turned into wine. Many people believe in their thoughts and experiences and live frustrated and unhappy. No matter how good our thoughts are, our thoughts are all false because they come from Satan. If I throw away the thought that I am a sinner and accept God's word that I am justified by the blood of Jesus, I am a righteous person. Let's live a happy life without regrets and worries in the eternal world where sin has been forgiven."

Friday, October 28

On the last day of the Bible seminar, he preached the gospel through <Luke 5:1-11>. “People do not know what the truth is, and they live by sticking to their own thoughts. This is because they do not see God and are always living in their own thoughts. Simon Peter also lived a life of being deceived by himself, but after meeting Jesus, he realized that living by believing in his own thoughts was sin and he was able to deny himself. Many people b