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[Finland] God’s Special Gift of 1 Night and 2 Days

For two days, on June 14th and 15th, Pastor Hun Mok Lee visited Finland. As Pastor Hun Mok Lee’s visit was confirmed, the special gift God prepared was delivered to us.



In the evening of the 14th, the Youth Education Leaders’ Conference was held at the Youth Center. At the conference, about 20 youth organization leaders and YMCA personnel attended. As the participants listened to the mind lecture, they warmly welcomed the education saying that it was needed in Finland. They requested the IYF’s activities and agreed to the cooperative activities. Especially, the Youth Center personnel who listened to the mind lecture promised, “we will rent this Youth Center to the IYF with priority in the future.” Besides this, many other organizations also requested cooperative activities. We look forward to various MOU agreements to be carried out.



At 11 o’clock on June 15th, the signing of MOU between YMCA Helsinki and IYF at the YMCA Headquarters reception room. The YMCA Helsinki Secretary General opened his heart after listening to the mind lecture, and after listening to the story of the Gracias Choir, responded saying that he had seen them often on YouTube and that they are a great choir. Pastor Hun Mok Lee naturally introduced the mind of the Gracias Choir that won the grand prize at the German Chamber Choir Competition, and the YMCA Secretary General wanted to hear more about the mind of the IYF. Through the MOU conclusion on this day, IYF is able to use the YMCA facilities and logos. Moreover, the YMCA promised to help the IYF in activities promotion, event participation, program sharing etc.



At 1pm on this day, there was a reception with Pastor Hun Mok Lee and the President of Laurea University of Applied Sciences at the VIP reception room. The President of Laurea University of Applied Sciences had been realizing the limits of Finland’s education and feeling the need for mind education. Nonetheless, he didn’t know the method. By listening to the need for the mind education and the mind lecture given by Hun Mok Lee this time, the President sent positive support to the activities of IYF and signed an MOU. The MOU was concluded with contents similar to the MOU signed with YMCA. The President of Laurea University met with the IYF Finland Branch for the first time on the 8th and showed great interest in the IYF’s mind lecture and overseas volunteer program. Through this MOU conclusion, cooperation regarding IYF’s education was promised. Actually, the meeting with the President was refused by the secretary office due to his busy schedule, but having opened his heart through the first meeting, it was a matter decided directly by him on the very same day. The President of Laurea University promised to attend the World Education Leaders Forum that is scheduled to take place in Korea and learn more about the mind education and work in cooperation.



At 5:30pm, on June 15th, there was an IYF Finland Family Meeting. At this meeting, about 100 members and families attended. 30~40 young members invited their families and had the time to introduce the IYF to them. The families watched cultural performances and opened their hearts, and listened to the mind lecture and empathized with change through the world of the mind. This meeting became an opportunity for the family of the IYF member students to know exactly about the activities of the IYF and to decide to become a family of IYF. The families promised to support the IYF.

During the short journey of 1 night and 2 days, though they were sudden plans, we could see that these works were already planned beforehand in the heart of God. We are very happy that the will of God to work strongly in Finland has been shown. We give glory to the Lord who gave us a thankful 1 night and 2 days.

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