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[Fort Wayne] The First Myanmar Church Bible Seminar in U.S.

[Fort Wayne] The First Myanmar Church Bible Seminar in U.S. ( June 29, 2011)

From June 13th to 16th, there was a bible seminar in Fort Wayne, Indiana for people from Myanmar. In the city where approximately 8,000 Myanmarese have settled, the state’s first Myanmar church was established in last April and two months later, the bible seminar was organized at St. Augustine Lutheran Church. According to the promise of the servant of God that 500 churches will be established across the United States, God provided us free housing and chapel to our great joy and gratitude.

Before hosting the bible seminar, Pastor Yeong Kook Park preached, “God desires to lead us to the land of Canaan. Only when the heaven gives rain, the ground can receive water. It’s a place where only the grace of God stands.” Following the word of the servant, we only sought the grace of God in preparing for the bible seminar. Though not many people were fluent in Myanmarese language, we visited each house for evangelizing. Regardless of our weaknesses, we perceived that God worked powerfully according to His promise. Throughout the seminar period, a total of 78 new people from Myanmar joined the event where they were delighted to hear the true gospel. Minister Kun Tai preached that all our thoughts, concepts, and judgments are wrong and that we ought to repent from these. God worked in their humble hearts that many people received salvation and gained eternal life through the true gospel.

*Sister Zin’s Testimony* “Since I got married last year, I had constant fight with my husband that I even wanted to kill him. Though I desired for true love, I suffered because I knew that my heart was full of sin. So I went to a church nearby. Though I listened to sermon, I wondered if God would accept a person like me. So I was compelled to confess my sin everyday and tried to love my husband. But seeing that I kept on fighting with him, the weight of sin became heavier in my heart that I became very distressed. But by the guidance of people who’d come from Good News Fort Wayne Church, I was able to join the bible seminar where I heard that Jesus has cleansed all my sins and that God would no longer remember my lawlessness. I was so thankful and happy to hear these words, I realized that true love which I’d been craving for all this time is only found in Jesus.”

*Sister Nelly’s Testimony* “Born and raised in a Christian family, I was baptized and have been attending church since childhood. I knew that Jesus had died for my sins. But as I committed sin every day, I tried to receive the forgiveness of sin through confession. But through this bible seminar, I listened to words in Hebrews 10:10, which states, “By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” This word helped me realize that I am made free from all my sins and that I am now righteous. My husband and two daughters also came to the seminar and received the gospel. I am very grateful before the Lord.”

As the gospel of life entered into the hearts of people who’d been living without hope in the foreign land, we were very grateful to see how their voice and expression changed. When we followed the servant’s promise and only relied on the rain of heaven, God gave sweet rain that showered our hearts. We sincerely ask for your prayers for Good News Fort Wayne Church.

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