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[Germany] Europe Christmas Musical, ‘I Recommend this Show to Everyone!”

Jesus Christ has Awaken the Dying Hearts of Europeans

On the 21st November, Europe’s 1st Cantata Tour began in Gottingen, Germany. Many people of Gottingen waited an hour before the start of the performance in anticipation at the Stadhalle, and when the doors were open, the 1200 seats were instantly filled.




In order to prepare for this Cantata, the short-term missionaries, who were dispatched to Europe, had stayed together in Gottingen for one month. A lot of difficulty and burden followed but the thankful heart towards the fact that God is using them in order to cover the whole of Europe with the Gospel, remained. The lively dance of the Righteous Stars opened the stage and the songs and cello solo allowed the hearts of the people to find peace. Afterwards, the performance of ‘Anna’s Miracle’ began.



When Anna realized the preciousness of the family and began to shed tears, the audience were also able to learn the importance of family and share her emotion. Every time an act had finished, the people of Gottingen did not hold back their applause.






“It was so good that I was able to feel the energy of the actors. The singing was beautiful, the cello solo was outstanding and the even the acting was great; it was all just brilliant.”

“I came as a volunteer through a friend. While looking at the acting, the emotions of the actors were directly delivered to me and I was able to indulge myself into the Christmas Spirit. If there is such an event again, please let me know!”


“I go the Gideon Church but I saw an advertisement for the Christmas Cantata. I came with not much anticipation but was so pleasantly shocked when I saw how various and good all the performances were. I want to recommend this performance to everyone!”

“Although I am Muslim, through the Christmas Cantata, it was a good opportunity for me to experience Christianity.”


After the end of all the performances, Pastor Won Tae Lee preached the message to the people who had come to the Christmas Cantata.

“Today I want to teach to you the important meaning of Christmas. On Christmas day, Jesus Christ was born in a manger. That man has made us holy and has made us righteous and has washed our sins! He has cast away all the despair and all the sins in our heart! He says to us;

You are holy!

You are righteous!

I have washed your sins!”



Lastly, all the short-term missionaries who had prepared for this Christmas Cantata came out to sing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ with the people of Gottingen. This Christmas Cantata has given hope to many people of Gottingen as well as preaching the Gospel to them. Just as Jesus Christ had raised Lazarus from the dead, we were able to see the dying hearts of the European people coming to life, through the Cantata. Through the 12 other cities that follow this performance, the Gospel will be preached to even more Europeans.

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