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Germany’s Camp Opening Ceremony! (July 27, 2011)

Finally the Opening Ceremony began. The main hall in Gurzenich, Cologne was like a sophisticated artwork with German craftsmen’s souls. On the ceiling, 3 large chandeliers exhibited their splendor. More than the residents of Cologne, God must be delighted with the fact the IYF World Camp is being held in this place.

First there were congratulatory performances by German musicians. The Brass Band’s soft and vibrant music entertained the audience, and Nadege’s passionate cello solo received a big round of applause. Our students’ bright dance, Tae Kwon Dance with the strength of Korea, and elegant Fan Dance were particularly fresh and impressive for Germany who has profound culture.

Following a jolly welcoming message from a deputy mayor of the city of Cologne, Gracias Ensemble’s performances continued. Lee Hye Rim’s solo captivated the audience, and songs by Chio Hye Mi, Woo Tae Jik, Song Ill Yong, and Park Jin Young heated up the venue with excitement.

Through “the man born blind,” Pastor Ock Soo Park had us realize that we not only could not see the world of heart, but could not even realize that we are a blind. Then he introduced Jesus, the light of the world. As our hearts were filled with the hope for Jesus, the World Camp started.

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