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[Germany] The World Camp in Mainz, the Open City

The Camp in Germany that will lead to the Fruits of the Word

In one final meeting, a day before the the beginning of the Camp, all Pastors and short-term missionaries that have been preparing for this Camp for the past few months were able to gather their hearts and only put their trust to Jesus.

“In John Chapter 2, although the people prepared very diligently for the wedding feast, there was not enough wine. Mary, who knew that Jesus was the only solution, prepared the hearts of the servants and told them, ‘Whatever he says to you, do it’. Faith is just acting like these servants, who did not understand the Words of the Lord but still followed them. Now, tomorrow is the beginning of the Camp. Please remember that our Lord is with this Camp. And I hope that as you lay down your thoughts in front of his words, you will be able to receive the amazing blessing of God.” (Pastor Saejae Oh, Director of the Camp in Germany)

On the first day, before the opening ceremony, at 3pm, there a first ever Germany Christian Leaders’ Workshop. While listening to the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park, the local Pastors were able to throw away their own thoughts and focus on how to accept the Word of God and how to become righteous through the Word of God.


“By eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that God had forbidden, Adam was able to have his own standards and thoughts. However, they were different to God’s thoughts. As descendants of Adam, we live in our own thoughts. We live a good and correct life within our own thoughts. However, no matter how good or correct life you live, God cannot be with you. It is because you still have different thoughts to God. SO, it is important to throw away your own thoughts and just accept the Word of God as it is.”

Finally, on the 28th of April the eighth camp in Germany began. The opening ceremony began with the performances of the Lincoln House School students, who performed in the biggest venue in Mainz, Rheingoldhalle. The audience consisted of, not only the citizens of Mainz, but also participants from over 20 European countries and university Chancellors and Education Leaders from India, Africa and various other countries. After the Word, the wife of one of the ministers who opened her heart after hearing about the testimony of being healed from the stomach disease, was able to gain hope after Pastor Ock Soo Park had prayed for her disease.

The dynamic Taekwondo dance and the exquisite fan dance displayed the beautiful Korean culture to various types of people in the audience and they showed their amazement through their constant applause.




“We welcome all of you from around the world who have come to Mainz. From a long time ago, Mainz has been a city that has been open to the whole world. Especially, in a society where communication is the most required, I feel so excited for the IYF, who hold the values of challenge, change and cohesion, and are holding their event here in Mainz. I hope that all of you participants will be able to have hope towards your future once these events are over.” (Evling Mainz Mayor, Welcoming Message)

Afterwards, the performance of the Gracias Choir, who had won the 1st Prize in last year’s International Chamber Choral Competition in Marktoberdorf, followed.

“Germany is a special country to us. It is because it was here that the promise of being the world’s best choir had been accomplished. Just as the ground produces sprouts and eventually fruits from the seeds it had been sown, as we had the promise of God in us, God had blessed us all and eventually accomplished our promise. I am thankful to God and give all the glory to him who will bless us in during the Camp in Germany”

(Eun Hye Choi, Member of the Gracias Choir)




Guest speaker, Pastor Ock Soo Park introduced the world’s best youth organization through the explanation of how it was founded-through the change of heart that happened in a youth who used to be addicted to drugs. The IYF is now building youth centers in various countries such as Benin and Zambia, where we have received land from the government and has for the first time every met a FA with the Vietnamese government, who are a communist country.

Then, through Luke 15, he spoke about how like the Prodigal Son, many people’s hearts fall into darkness when their bodies are ill, lonely and tired. However, he said that, by learning the world of the heart, one could still have joy in the heart no matter where their bodies may be and he hoped that all the participants of the Camp would be able to live a blessed life by having a heart that is connected to God.

The World Camp, that has produce unbelievable number of fruits, had opened in the beautiful city of Mainz. I am hopeful of all the more fruits that would have arisen through the grace of God during the Camp.

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