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[Germany] With the Continuous Words of Hope…. (July 27, 2011)

As the word of God filled up the beautiful hall and our hearts, it’s already the 3rd day of the camp. When it’s “Gracias Time,” peace and beauty overflows in the hall. For the last performance of Gracias Choir this morning, the audience shouted encore after “You Raise Me Up.” With the very first encore, “Time To Say Goodbye,” the performance was over. Brothers and sisters were astonished by Gracias Choir’s music throughout the camp.

Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Last Sermon Time at the Germany Camp

“For me, this Germany Camp felt like a vacation. I was peaceful, happy, and delighted. More than anything, I was so excited that I could preach the words of God. God made me perish, fall, and powerless to stand again. Then He led me to live not by my thoughts but by the words of God. If God works in me, then nothing can be a problem.

I used to despise God, but He still held on to me. He made me to preach the Gospel to the whole world. I can see God strongly opening the way of the Gospel.

God also wants to work through you. God wants to reveal His will through you. That’s why God wants to put His heart and will into your heart.

While our mission preached the Gospel, God developed Korea. Now Europe will change. About 200 churches will be established in Europe. God also gave us a cure for AIDS in Africa. Have you heart with God. Believe in the words of God. Live for the Gospel. God will bless you. Your children will amazingly change. God will work in you.”

The words Pastor Ock Soo Park was preaching echoed inside of the hall.

“God, thank you so much. You’ve gathered such a precious brothers and sisters. I know that You will use these brothers and sisters for your works of Gospel. No matter what they face, please take care of if Yourself. And work for the Gospel. Please use all our lives according to Your will. We are your servants. I hope that you will wake up the sleeping souls in Europe and save them form Sin.”

The last prayer had us committed our hearts with the hope from God in regards to how we should live our lives.

In the evening, Pastor Sung Hoon Kim continued the sermon.

“This bible has never given us despair. Jesus is the light. Where there is light, darkness can never be a problem. If only we have Jesus, nothing can be a problem. Faith is to accept everything Jesus sees.”

Brothers and sisters were continually filled up with the Hope towards God.

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