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[Germany World Camp] D-15 The winds of IYF are blowing in Germany! (May 31, 2012)

Germany World Camp D – 15

God worked ahead of us for the 2012 Germany World Camp.

The Germany World Camp being introduced on a street in Mannheim, Germany.

From May 17th to the 20th in Mannheim, Germany, there was a street performance parade by the short term missionaries in preparation for the Germany World Camp. A series of performances by short term missionaries representing their respective European countries took place. Pastor Kim Jin Soo of Helsinki Church in Finland preached about Genesis chapter 37 verses 12 to 24 to the short term missionaries prior to their performances. In Genesis chapter 37, although Joseph knew his brothers envied him and were jealous of him, when his father commanded him to go to Shechem Joseph answered, “Here I am.”

As Joseph faced the situation he had his own thoughts, however Joseph did not live a life of following his judgments and decisions. Pastor Kim Jin Soo told us to ignore the burdensome and negative thoughts that rise before a situation called Europe, and just like Joseph said “Here I am,” for us to deny our thoughts and to believe and follow the Word of God.

We spoke news of the Germany World Camp, which will begin on June 5th, and God showed each and every short term missionary in Europe their heart and they were able to experience his works.

The performance parade took place in the heart of the city of Mannheim. From the 17th to 20th of May, Katholikentag(Day of Catholicism), a prominent public holiday that occurs only once a year in different cities, was hosted in Mannheim as its 98th host city.

Informal street events are actually illegal in Germany. However for this year’s Catholic event a street parade was allowed and we at the time were striving to participate in the parade and were seeking for an opportunity. God provided us with a suitable venue and time that caused no complications for promoting the Germany World Camp and thus we were able to perform without any problems.

We tried to accomplish things through our humanistic diligence two weeks prior to the start of the World Camp, but after throwing away our thoughts before a situation we did not comprehend by saying, “Here I am,” we felt that God was showing us the works that arise after one overcomes his or her thoughts. Throughout the event, not only citizens of Mannheim but people from cities all over Germany arrived and created crowed streets. We felt that God was pleased with our World Camp and that he was leading us through his ways.

There is not a student in Germany who does not know of Tae Kwon Do. Since it is such a popular sport, the male short term missionaries created and performed a Tae Kwon Do dance. Their dance which included powerful collective shouts, disciplined motions and united hearts made anyone wish to halt and observe.

The exciting African acapella caused listeners to dance along to the cheerful melody. People of all ages clapped with us and sang along with the chorus and so we had a joyful time.

The “Children’s Dance”, an indispensable part of the Christmas Cantata gave father-like smiles to anyone. The children’s bright smiles and motions, which could not have been imitated by anyone, was enough to open the firmly closed doors in peoples’ hearts. Many people opened their hearts due to the dance and received the promotion flyers, and we believe that they felt God knocking on their hearts.

The Fan Dance requires members to touch shoulders and connect fans in a neat manner, and must adjust the heights in order for a beautiful flower to be formed. If their hearts do not come together, a flower cannot be made. Although it wasn’t a perfect fan dance, God enabled them to feel the beauty and togetherness by changing their eyes and hearts and for that we were very grateful.

The short term missionaries of Europe who performed Righteous Dances, Last thing on my mind, Lecho, Come so far and Best years of our lives felt true happiness in their hearts as they performed. The short term missionaries believed that God was watching their dances and so their smiles were smiles that arose from the heart.

Being part of a tight schedule that lasted from the morning until the evening, the short terms of Europe were exhausted, however in front of the people that God sent to them, they became united and continued to perform with a joyful heart. Pastor Yong Shin Oh of Ludwigshafen Church, through Job chapter 39, told us that we hear many voices and wish to follow the voices we like, however just as the Bible states that he who ignores the many voices in war and follows the commander’s words will “mocketh at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth he back from the sword,” Pastor told us to only listen to the voice of God when doing this work.

As our performances for the past four days ended, we felt in our hearts that through performing under the scorching sun, under pouring rain and even performing in an empty street, we did not react according to the voices that arose from our flesh, but instead were able to be trained on how to react to God’s Word

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