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(Ghana) A Video Call from Africa

Pastor Ock Soo Park himself delivering the News in Africa

On the 16th (Mon) at 7pm, there was a video call (Facetime) from Africa.

Pastor Ock Soo Park first asked about the wellbeing of the brothers and sisters then, he began to speak about the works of God in Africa. (Benin, Ivory Coast). We share that news with you.

▲ In the auditorium of a music school in Turkey, there was a performance and Mind Lecture

“As we left Korea to go to Benin, we stopped at Turkey. The Gracias Choir performed in a music school in Turkey. We saw that, even in Turkey, they valued the Gospel that we have.”

 ▲ The President welcomes Pastor Ock Soo Park

“And after we arrived in Benin, the really thankful thing to God was that the President was pouring all his heart into opening the ways for us to work during his term. After the President attended the IYF World Camp last year and saw the youth changing, he became certain that the hope for Benin was in IYF.

Unexpectedly, he had given us 10 hectare of land and on this occasion, he tried to give us even more. At first, he wanted to give us the 10 hectare of land that we specified; however, when he heard that we were planning to build a football stadium, the mayor said that he would give more land to us and lead the way to construct buildings such as the hospital, IYF Centre and a Skills Specialist School. “

▲ The President delivers the ceremonial message at the groundbreaking ceremony

“The ochre on the land that we have received is very good and if we mix it with cement to make bricks, we will cut lots of costs in construction. Because Benin does not have such machines, if we buy them from China and make ochre bricks instead of cement bricks, it will be cheaper. Moreover, the Minister of Youth asked of me personally to allow the students of the Skills School to come out and learn how to make bricks so that they can change the whole construction of Benin.

And as the most important thing is the education of Benin, we were able to become certain that as we continue to negotiate with the Minister of Education, we will be able to plant the Mind Lecture that will be taught to the professors and then will in turn be taught to the students. We will also be able to nurture professors for this Mind Lecture. We believe that this will surely make the country a better place, and as the professors realise about the Gospel and witness it, we were able to have the great faith that the nation will also accept the Word .”

▲ Pastor Ock Soo Park prays for the patient receiving treatment in the Bouake University hospital.

“There is a cruel disease in Africa called the Buruli ulcer. And for the patients in that region, we made a treatment centre and we were able to help the local doctors to treat them. It was very successful. The government is also very interested in our activity and, as we were able to come to an MOU agreement for us to officially lead clinical trials, therefore we have faith in our hearts that God will do the work to finding the cure for the ghastly disease that is Buruli ulcer.

Last time, the business with Ddobyul was quite good but because of the few people who were greedy about the money, it was ruined. That made me quite upset. However, I believe that those people who continue to have the heart of opposing the church will have their hearts changed wonderfully and be blessed by God. We are also very thankful that God is still opening ways for us despite all the people who are opposing us. “


▲ Picture with the Undersecretary of Education in Ivory Coast and officials after the interview

“When I went to Ivory Coast, I could not meet the Secretary but the Undersecretary of Education. He opened the way for us to provide this Mind Education to all the professors of Ivory Coast, and primarily he agreed and made a decision on the professors reading the book, ‘Who Are You that is Dragging Me’.

The Undersecretary of Education was very happy, but although we could not meet the Secretary of Education, whom we have close acquaintance with, I believe that when he returns, he will also do his best to help.”

▲ Despite the late time (11pm), 1000 brothers and sisters gather welcoming Pastor Ock Soo Park

“Although it seems like the work we do with the IYF is small, I was surprised that there were about 1300 people in the congregation of the Benin church. In Ivory Coast, there is a piece of land, which is 3 hectare large, that we are cleaning up and will be able to construct on in 10 months, according to the city. However, there are 1300 to 1500 people in the church in Ivory Coasrt and if you include the churches in the countryside, they say that there are thousands of brothers and sisters. Moreover, in Togo there are 700 people who attend the Sunday Service but because the chapel is too small, they have two seperate sessions. “


▲ Because of the lack of seats, they blocked the road to place more seats under a canopy.

“1300 brothers and sisters participated in the service. I believe that God will bless the church as we build our own chapel even in Ivory Coast and do many other works. This is the 20th year since I had been to Africa, as I visited Kenya in 1994 and Ghana in 1995.

As 20 years had passed, wherever we go in Africa, our churches are always the biggest with the biggest congregation that works the most powerfully. Especially, through the Mind Education that will awaken the minds of Africa, it has been asserted to the government officials that it is a very effective and good tool. Furthermore, as countries such as Swaziland, Benin or Ivory Coast collaborate with us, numberless African youth will be educated by us and I believe that as they listen to the Gospel, they will be able to boldly stand in front of God.


God had prepared everything for such work and so, I am very thankful as I see that we are harvesting the fruits coming from Africa. As I wake up early and go to bed late every day, speaking to many people about the IYF, Gospel and Mind Education, I feel so grateful. More than anything, as the President of Benin heard the Gospel in 2013, he was able to have complete faith and every time I get the chance to pray for him and speak about the Bible, he had taken notes and said he would always revisit them. Seeing his heart towards God burning so strongly, I was thankful to God.”

▲ Pastor Ock Soo Park explaining the design to the President

“As the President of one country receives salvation, it truly opens all the ways to preach the Gospel in that country. Especially, as I see not only the President but also his son receiving salvation and their hearts becoming united, I am so grateful.

I believe and thank God that He will continue to work in the future and I hope that this can enter the hearts of the brothers and sisters in Korea so they too can become grateful. I will return to Korea on Saturday. I will see you then.” (16th March 2015, 7PM, Pastor Ock Soo Park)

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