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(Ghana) ‘Entrusting the IYF with the Future of Ghana’

Ghana is the country with the fastest developing economy in the whole of Africa. It is the most politically secure in western Africa and because there are a lot of resources, they say that foreign capitals are swarming to the country of Ghana. In such a time as this, the President still has much interest in the youth issues. Just like most countries in Africa, the percentage of the population that the youth occupy is immense; therefore, the policies for the youth are very important. So, the President’s secretariat has been looking for a youth policy program through the instructions of the President. While this search was happening, Pastor Ock Soo Park had a meeting with the Secretariat Chief of Staff. In the morning of that day, while talking with the younger brother of the President, he had opened his heart wide and arranged a meeting with the Secretariat Chief of Staff.


On the 18th, at 3PM, there was a meeting with the Secretariat Chief of Staff. In the morning, while meeting the younger brother of the President, he opened his heart wide. Afterwards, unexpectedly, a meeting with the Secretariat Chief of Staff was arranged at the President’s palace. When we arrived at the President’s palace, we went through a security check. All electronic devices and mobile phones were prohibited and therefore we could not take the camera we had brought to the palace. We could not help it but enter the Secretariat without a camera that we took around like a tattoo. While we were in the waiting room, a familiar face stopped and recognised us. It turned out to be that he was the one who participated in an IYF Camp as the Secretary of Youth. Exchanging a few greetings, he inquired of why we were there and after explaining why; he wished us luck and went on his way, while we entered the secretariat.

The President’s Palace from across the parking lot

As we were sitting down in the meeting room of the secretariat, we saw that the President’s Secretariat Chief of Staff had been accompanied by the person who we had just met. We were surprised. He is having a meeting with us… As someone who had seen, heard and experienced us was participating in the meeting, it was much more convenient. As they were introducing each other, this man said that he had become the Secretary of State and had to participate in the meeting. It was truly amazing.

The Secretariat Chief of Staff asked us what good news we had, and Pastor Ock Soo Park gave a short introduction of the IYF and replied that he would like to start Mind Education in Ghana, explaining that, because the background of the education comes from the Bible, it can change and guide the hearts of the youth.

 The Secretary of Youth (Current Secretary of State) participates in the 2013 World Camp in Ghana delivering his greetings to Pastor Ock Soo Park

“At first, we worked with the Paraguayan government, in 2010, next, by the invitation of the Kenyan government, we had this Mind Education with 2700 youth leaders and last year, co-operating the Department of Education in the Philippines, we executed this Mind Education once more to 18000 educators.

“Ghana is the country with the fastest developing economy in Africa. As the economy develops, the desires of the youth also increase. If the economy is above those desires, there are no problems, but if the desires surpass the economic ability, there will be so many complaints and dissatisfaction and the youth will begin to treat their fathers like they are nothing, leading to ignoring what they say and conflicting with one another. So, if we do not use Mind Education to develop their self-control, serious problems will occur. We first want to nurture teachers who can teach the Mind Education in Ghana.”

As Pastor Ock Soo Park finished speaking, the Secretariat Chief of Staff opened his mouth, “In one of the sayings in our country, we say that if we pray for it we will receive it and I think that saying was made for today.” He said that, by the order of the President, they were looking for a foreign youth education program to apply to Ghana, so he thought it was so good that a group invited by the Kenyan government was also able to visit Ghana. Moreover, he asked us to discuss specific matters with the practitioners. The Secretary of State spoke first.

“Two years ago, I participated in the IYF Camp that was happening in Tema. There was Pastor Ock Soo Park and also the Gracias Choir. The music of this choir is amazing. They sing better in our native language than we do. I think that now is the stage where we should have practical talks with the IYF.”

The previous Secretary of Youth (Current Secretary of State) participating in the 2013 World Camp in Ghana

Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “The song of this choir was heard by the former President John Atta Mills before he passed away and he had even sung along. I preached the Gospel to the President. The former First Wife came to an IYF Camp to deliver a ceremonial message and when she heard my lecture, she was impressed and by her invitation, we were able to meet and speak with the President.

In the 2013 World Camp in Benin, the President heard my lecture that I delivered and enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards, in the beginning of this year, he remembered me. He sent his special envoy to us in Korea. Endowing land to us, he invited us, asking for us to work for the youth of Benin. Therefore, during the last visit, we had a Groundbreaking ceremony for the IYF Centre, which was participated by Secretaries and the President himself. Furthermore, he invited us to a feast at the President’s Palace and where he awarded a medal to me.

The country with the most serious problem with their youth is China. In 2009, the government of China invited me for the education of their youth. Through that, we were able to publish the book, ‘Who Are You That is Dragging Me’, and it sold well but 47 companies, who decided to sell pirated editions, also arose.

The Department of Education in Swaziland promised to be with us and the chief of Cambodia also invited me. In Ivory Coast, we are working to fight the Buruli ulcer but this time, because the President of Benin wanted us to do it in Benin as well, we contracted an MOU with the Department of Health and we are expected results this year through clinical trials. I would also like to discuss with the President about fighting for the Buruli ulcer patients in Ghana.

We want the desires of the youth to be temperate and for their hearts to grow healthily despite the economic development of the country.

South Korea is a country that has had a very fast economic development but the problems of the youth are very serious. So, we enacted the world’s first Education of the Human Nature and it will be trialed from July.

I came to Ghana for the first time in 1995 and for 20 years, I have been working for Ghana. I love Ghana and I want to work for Ghana.

I want to ask of one important request. Africa is still pure. However, through the Internet and television and western culture seeping in, it is becoming corrupt. Before that can happen, please work for the IYF. I ask this favour of you.”

The Secretariat Chief of Staff of the President said that it would be good for the Secretary of State, who has previously been to an IYF event, to be in charge of the action plan, consulting with the IYF. The Secretary of State coolly agreed.

The Secretariat Chief of Staff of the President, Julius Debrah

Gracias Choir members Hye Mi Choi and Jin Young Park sang two songs, ‘Jesu dome’ and ‘Ebenezar’.

The Secretariat Chief of Staff of the President, who had heard the Choir’s song for the first time said, “There is truly something to feel from listening to the song. I believe that if we educate the youth just like the way Korean people are able to sing in our native language so perfectly, the hearts of the youth will certainly change. Thank you.” Like this, he expressed his gratefulness at how great of an opportunity he thought it was. He was also happy that the direction of President’s orders and the way in which our program for the youth was heading was the same.

After the end, Pastor Ock Soo Park said that he would like to have the Secretary of State as the Advisor of the IYF branch in Ghana and the Secretary also liked the idea. Coming out of the President’s Palace, we were so thankful that God had allowed us meet practitioners to propel things into action.

A modern building in Downtown Accra, Ghana

Throughout the visit of the three African countries, Benin, Ivory Coast and Ghana we were handed the job of helping with the education of youth, which is an important policy that takes a large part in the governments. We also had the success of making specific and practical plans with those governments. In Benin, works are happening in a national scale; in Ivory Coast, the city of Abidjan and the Department of Education are working together to enforce the policy; in Ghana the Secretary of State himself, who is under the direct authority of the President in the secretariat, is in charge of pushing the policy through.

 The journalists finish their covering at the President’s Palace

We are hopeful of the news that we will hear of the fruits in western Africa, in this 20th year of mission work in the continent. We give all the glory to God, who uses us who are like the useless soil that is lacking. As he pours his rain and shines his light over us, we can now bear numberless and many different fruits through Him.



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