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[Ghana] Opening Ceremony of the 2017 International Cultural Festival


On the 24th of July with 2000 students at the University of Ghana there was the opening of the International Cultural Festival in the region of Legon.

Pastor Ocksoo Park entering the country as the main speaker of the World Camp, Interview with UTV broadcasting Station

In the morning Pastor Ocksoo Park arrived at the Accra Airport in Ghana and moved immediately to the VIP room. The Deputy Minister of Youth Mr. Pius Enam Hadzide came to greet Pastor Park at the VIP room and express his gratitude for having this world camp for the youth.



UTV broadcasting station which is showing great interest in the World Camp came all the way to the airport in order to interview Pastor Park. The UTV reporters recorded the meeting between Pastor Park and the deputy minister and afterwards asked about the detail of this camp.


2017 Ghana World Camp Opening Ceremony ‘International Cultural Festival’

As people got into different groups started speaking to each other and eating good food and enjoying themselves at the University of Ghana, rain started to drizzle. Before the opening ceremony in the evening everyone sang together and danced together.

After the performance of the Righteous Stars the Coordinator of IYF Ghana Pastor Youngsun Ban officially declared the  beginning of the World Camp and the students responded with loud cheers.



The Taekwondo performance of the Gwangju Lincoln High School students left the audience in awe with their amazing performance.


Deputy Minister of Aviation Hon. Kwabena Darko said “God has given us a gift. And God has given us an opportunity. I thank the IYF for hosting this camp in this great university. The African Youth will lead Africa when it becomes 2030. I thank Pastor Ocksoo Park for preparing the best program for them.”


The traditional dance team of Ghana played their traditional drum called ‘Varogo’ and dance to the rhythm. The dance was called ‘Fota’ and the participants of the camp reacted with cheers and enjoyed themselves.


Professor Kwesi Yankah, minister of state for Teritary Education said through his congratulatory message that “It is a great honor for us to have Pastor Ocksoo Park who is the founder of IYF with Pastor Park Heejin who is in charge of IYF in Western Africa here in the great University of Ghana. The current president of Ghana is interested in the IYF. There are many students in Ghana who cannot receive normal education from schools but I ask for the education of those students as well.”


Finally Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah, minister of Youth and Sports said “17 years ago I was a student at the University of Ghana. I am happy to be here at my former school, and I thank the organizers for having the best program here at my old school. Through the ‘Mind Lecture’ which is truly necessary in this generation please lead the youths!”





The music of the Gracias Choir rang the hearts of the people sitting on the fields at the University of Ghana and softened their hearts.


The founder of IYF Pastor Park explained about the world of the heart through the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery.

“It is easy to control air conditioners or washing machines but I have seen many people who do not know about the world of the heart suffering because they do not know how to control their hearts. The lustful inside of this woman caught in the act of adultery was leading this woman’s life but as she spoke with Jesus her heart changed. Now in this woman’s heart fear disappeared, and her heart was filled with thankfulness, happiness and hope. Many youths who were addicted to drugs, gaming, and gambling changed their hearts through the IYF. I believe that if you learn the world of the heart this country will lead Western Africa and be a blessed country of God!”



The hearts of those who listens attentively to the message of Pastor Park regardless of the rain are so beautiful. When one sees how the Lord’s heart enters inside of these innocent Ghanaian youth and changes them they can tell that the country is full of hope.



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