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[Ghana World Camp 7.26] Ghana Broadcasting Stations’ Excited Calls to Cover the World Camp. (August

A day after Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir arrived in Ghana; they received excited requests from Ghana Broadcasting officials to interview them, from early in the morning.

[07-26-2011, 6:20am]

Ghana’s only national broadcasting station, GBC-TV, requested them to be on the live show called “Morning break.”

The MC asked questions about the start of IYF, how the World Camp will be ran, any help from Ghana government, as well as Gracias choir and cantata.

Lastly they asked for an advice to the youths in Ghana, and Pastor Ock Soo Park recommended sharing hearts with people around because being locked inside of oneself was the reason why the youths fall into problems. Also he emphasized that they will gain new strengths and their burdens will be lightened when they open their hearts and communicate.

The broadcasting officials were repeating “Fantastic,” as they saw Gracias Choir’s performance afterward.

For Africans who cannot hear Classics often, the choir prepared native songs as a cappella, and the officials responded to the songs and melodies with their own dances and smiles.

They gave us more an hour – what was originally planned to be, for the live show, and they added Gracias Choir’s performances to the show to be broadcasted.

[07-26-2011, 8:20am]

Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir appeared on Awake, a morning program on ETV, a private broadcast.

The MC questioned about the beginning of Gracias Choir and IYF and asked for an advice for Ghana. Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “There are a lot of juvenile issues taking place in economically developing countries, I hope that the youth in Ghana will learn the world of heart that they would not be tainted with economic debris but be able to keep their heart.”

In addition, Joy TV, another broadcast, hoped to feature them, but only 2 Gracias choir members could make it to their request due to a schedule conflict.

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